Sunday, October 09, 2011

It really is the simple things . .

. . . that can make a day memorable.  Today we took the all the monkees to the KC Pumpkin Patch (  They have a ton of stuff to do, and it can get a little crowded so we went on a Sunday.  Wanted to make sure that T wouldn't have any anxiety about the large number of people.

Anyhoo they have a zip-line for the kids to do.  They adjust it so the most a kid is off the ground is a few inches.  T wanted to do this, and we never turn him down when he wants to try something new.  Not only did he do it, but he got off beaming saying "I did it, and I wasn't even scared!!!".

My mom told us later she wasn't sure who was more proud me and K or T.  :)

Now most are wondering why this is the moment that made the day memorable.  For a family with a "normal" child it's no big deal.  But for us, it's a big deal.  You never know how T is going to react to something.  Most people we tell that he's Autistic don't really believe us - until they've been around him a bit and they pick up on the little things:  holding things in his hand, lack of personal space/property, tantrums over simple tasks, etc.

I love the look of pure joy on his face (not fear or terror that we were expecting).  That's K in the back ground - parents weren't really allowed back there, but this is the only time we break the rules.