Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here I sit. . .

. . .in front of the computer typing this up. I have hair color on my hair, topless, and dying to take a shower, but even then I know I won't be able to sleep.

You see....the Bean will make her arrival in 11 hours. Of course I'll be up at 5:15am and out the door at 5:30am to be at the hospital by 6am. Why it takes two hours to prep me for a c-section I'll never understand.

I know I won't be able to sleep....especially with K lying next to me snorring away.

Anyhoo - don't get outa the hospital until Friday or Saturday, but I'll definitely have plenty of pictures to share.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I think he's in DENIAL. . .

. . . and I'm not talking about the river in Egypt.

When I found out I was pregnant K and I were both thinking "Oh, shit". We hadn't really decided if we were done or not, but getting pregnant when we did was the last thing on our "to do" list.

We discussed all of the options, and we both agreed that the only thing we could live with would be to have the child.

He seemed to be okay with that up until we found out it was a girl. Even then he seemed okay as he knew there was a chance the sonogram tech was wrong. However, for the last 6 weeks I've been having a weekly sonogram to check my fluid levels (this is due to the gestational diabetes) and the tech has been kind enough to confirm the gender each time.

She is definitely a SHE.

Within the last few weeks K has become more distant. Even to the point of when I talk about the Bean and her arrival he seems to tune me out.

I'm really hoping tonight we can talk as I can't go through this emotionally alone. I mean I know he'll be there physically, but I'm not sure about emotionally right now.

Procrastination CAN be a good thing

While going through all of our receipts, statements, etc this past weekend so I could get our checkbook, etc caught up before the Bean arrives I found a 1099 from 2006. I confess it was no small amount either.

Anyhoo - we'd procrastinated on getting all of our tax stuff together so our tax person had to file an extension for us. (This only really worked since we were getting a refund for state and federal.) So, rather than being completely screwed up the a$$ w/o a reach around we'll at least get the reach around. :)

Don't know the extent of the damage yet - but at this point I'm just thankful we don't have to pay back a portion of a refund and we saved ourselves from getting audited by the IRS.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Another one bites the dust . . .

I've been in my current job for 17 mos. At the Bank for 12.5yrs though. In March one person quit and was finally replaced 3 weeks ago. Now someone else has quit.

Unfortunately my boss just can't see why everyone wants to bail......maybe because you stink as a manager. Yes you know your job, but when it comes to managing others you stink.

Oh well - 2.5 dys left of work and I'm outta here!!!

Oh, and should I mention that maybe tomorrow we'll have a temp starting to cover my duties while I'm out? Like that gives me a whole lotta time to train someone.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Some days it's not worth it to get outa bed. . . .

. . . .starting around 8pm last night everything has just gone to shit. K's grandparents borrowed my car since it gets better gas mileage than anything they have and they were driving to Chicago. They still have it as they're heading back, but last night 'round 8pm they called to tell us they locked my one and only key in the car. Luckily I have remote start and access so I just drove up this morning to where they left my car and unlocked it, retrieved the keys and dropped them off.

However, last night after getting home around 9:30pm I was carrying the T-man into (S was wtih Daddy) the house. I step on a toy and trip and fall. Landed on my knees, left elbow, and right hand. Biddy Boy was more scared than anything, but trying to do the splits when almost 37 wks pregnant on one's knees is not a good thing. Slept like crap last night so I came into work late.

Once at work I had to officers complaining about how things were being paid even though their own managers (and my boss) had told them I was doing it correctly. Then I went to get a Diet Sprite and the machine dispenses bottled water instead. Now I can't print from one of the applications I use, my Outlook (e-mail) has died, and Excel is now starting to freak out on me.

Oh, never mind the $50 it took to fill-up the minivan. I'm about to say f-it and head home even though it's 4pm and I usually work until 6pm.

I'm hoping this is just a 24hr Bad Luck bug....and my 8pm tonight everything should be back to normal. Well, normal as my house/life can get.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Still waiting on someone to train

Well, my boss informed me yesterday (8.5 working days left before ML) that they're going through a temp agency. Okay, great. However, not sure when this person will get here and they may not even be hired by the time I go on ML.

Seriously - I told my boss when I was only 7 weeks pregnant, and now were down to 7 working days left and I still have no one to train. Does this tell you what type of manager I'm dealing with?

Guess I'll just wait and see, but seriously after May 25th it ain't my problem or concern.

Adventures in registering your child for Kindergarten

We live in a small town (approx 6-7,000 residents) and apprently we do things at our own pace. Two weeks ago we went to a "Kindergarteners to be night" at the elementary school. At this time we got a tour of the school, the kids got to see the K classroom's, and we got a packet of forms to fill out. Then we got to sign-up for K Round-up day.

Well, I signed up for this morning at 8:30am. I thought to myself it couldn't take longer than an hour......was I wrong. We were there for 2 hours listening to all of the stuff we'll need to have in place, etc while the kids got to experience a couple of hours of Kindergarten.

It's amazing all of the crap you need to have filled out....plus with S's tree nut allergy I have extra forms to fill out for each of his emergency meds as well as two doctor's appointments to make for this summer to get the Doctor's to sign all of the forms and get refills on the expired drugs. Good thing I'm on maternity leave this summer and can make appointments at my leasure. :)

So, maybe by the time he actually starts August 20th I'll have all of this crap together.

FINALLY - A Picture of my Boys

Okay, in order of appearance: T, R & S. :)

We were having "quiet time" since they all refused to take a nap, so they were watching a short video in the big boy's room.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ahhhh.....Mother's Day

So far so good. Got to sleep in until 8am. K made coffee and got the boy outa bed. Haven't done much, but veg and play with T. K called in Chinese and I just got done pigging out. However, now that T's down for his nap, I'm now off to go play WoW. Can't get much better.

Later today I get S back from his dad's and we head out to my parents for an early dinner and let the boys play outside.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Poop, Poop, and more Poop

Well, those of you with kids know that occasionally newborns will poop in the tub as they have no control over anything quiet yet. However, as they get older this will happen less often......supposedly.

Anyhoo - T never did this as an infant, neither did R or S. However, once the boy turned 18mos this has happen, not once, not twice, but FOUR times. The latest was last night. He's 23mo as of yesterday.

Last night T pigged out at dinner, and of course food was everywhere. Got the bath water going while he finished eating, stripped him down and let him run naked to the bathroom. The boy loves baths and tries to get in the tub before I'm even half way there. He's in the tub and starting to wet him down, and just started to shampoo his hair when I noticed he was going poop. Probably should mention he was squating in the tub as this time. That's just his stance when I wash him down.

Anyhoo - call K for help, and drag the boy outa the bath with soap in his hair. While trying to clean-up the tub & the boy the stinker squats and proceeds to poop more. Fine, clean that up, finish cleaning out the tub but by that time he was in the hallway and pooped again. K cleans that up as I and the boy head to our other bathroom to finish his bath. Make it too the kitchen when he not only poops again, but pees everywhere. Oh, and I should mention it was mushy poo.....not nice formed solid poo.

By this time we've had enough - quickly wipe his cute little butt with a diaper wipe and slap a diaper on. Waited a good 30-40 minutes before we attempted to complete his bath.....and yes, this whole time he had shampoo in his hair.

K tells me later that that was the only time he'd gone all day. GREAT. . . . explains the quantity though.

I can laugh about this now.....and actually we laughed about it after the poopin' machine went to bed. I'm just glad I'm not the one that has to sanitize the boy's bathtub this morning. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our car woes

A month ago we had to replace two tires on my '99 Maxima. The other two were still good, but would need to be replaced this summer. Well - that was wrong. One of the old tires started to go bad so we were hoping it would last until I went on maternity leave. Wrong again. Had to replace the other two tires yesterday.

Kicker is that K's grandparents are back in town from their winter vacation in Arizona and needed to drive to Chicago. They wanted to take the BMW, but that didnt' work as we just took it into the shop the day before as it wouldn't always shift into overdrive. And when that happens the fastest you could go was 50mph.....not fun if you're driving 12-18hrs. So, we volunteered my Maxima. Of course I've been telling K for a few weeks now that I think one of the tires is bad. He drove my car said it was fine......until yesterday when he realized how bad it was.

SO - K's grandparents still took my car and were kind enough to stop at Wal-Mart and get two new tires and a lube, oil, and filter as well as replacing the windshield wipers. We paid for the repairs of course, they just did it on their way outa town.

Oh, it gets better.....now we've got some mysterious leak on the minivan. Great. It doesn't seem too bad now so hopefully that CAN wait until my maternity leave.

Sometimes it's the little things . . .

. . .that make you realize that you really don't have your act together like you thought you did.

Last Saturday we (me and the boys, all 3 of them) went to go see K race his R/C cars. It was a nice breezy cloudy day. Unfortunately we forgot to put suncreen on the boys and T was wearing a tank top. You guessed it.....his poor little shoulders and upper arms were pink (almost red) by the time we got home.

We've been lathering him up with extra mositurizing lotion hoping that would help, and so far so good.

Luckily the other two wore in t-shirts and were fine. Now we have a nice supply of sunblock in T's diaper bag.

Live and learn.

On a side note: feel like a horrible mom, but at least he's not peeling and doesn't seem to be in pain.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Well today is definitely a Monday. My normal 1 hour commute took 1.5 hours. It has been raining all friggin' day. I've had meeting after meeting. And the ultimate: the dude I'm training just resigned. Yes - 3 weeks before I go on maternity leave the snot nosed little brat (he's 23 btw) resigned.

He has no other job lined up, and thinks he can get a job in sales pretty quick. Yeah right you deliusional generation Y fool. Does explain why he was never at this desk today and seemed to be avoiding me.

Almost forgot - the best part is that earlier today I sent out a mass e-mail to around 25o individuals letting them know who to contact during my leave. Then this afternoon dork boy sends out a mass e-mail to almost the same 25o people letting them know he's resigning and appreciated his time here. Talk about stirring up a shit storm. Only got a handful of e-mails asking what was going on this afternoon, but wait until tomorrow.

Oh, I have forgotten to mention that he makes this announcement at 4:30pm today....his first day back after being gone a week. Yes, a week.....a week where I kept holding onto things to do so I could show him this week. Guess I will be in on Saturday working my pregnant arse off.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

3 weeks and counting

Yup......my last time as being pregnant is almost up. In a little over 3 weeks the Bean will make her arrival into the world.

Weird as this sounds, but this is really the only time I've been ready well before the big c-section date to have it over with. Maybe because this is my last pregnancy, or maybe I'm just ready to be off work for 11 weeks. I'm thinking it's the later. Then again I'm already dreading going back to work after being off 11 weeks.....I know my notes/procedures are good, but I'm not sure the guy covering my duties is that competent.

Friday, May 04, 2007

"Mommy, when are you going to hatch?"

Yes - that was the question posed to me Wednesday night by S. Apparently Easter is still fresh in his mind, and I won't be giving birth but will be hatching.

Luckily he does understand that he, and T came out of my tummy (both were c-sections), and that's how the Bean will arrive in this world on May 30th. He did inform me that if I needed it he would kiss my big owie to make it feel better. Even with all of the ADHD issues and such, how can you NOT just love that child?!?!?

Bedrest SUCKS!!!

Even if it was for only one day. I applaud and am amazed at the women who are on it much longer.......after one day I was about to go insane.

Anyhoo - having weird pains near my right hip so doctor wanted to be cautious and have me take it easy one day. Also, I have a lovely bladder infection. She's not sure the two are or aren't related but since I have a non-stress test day she's gonna have the u/s tech take a look and just check things out.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

He's finally seeing it my way

Like every man K has his toys. Unfortunately his toys are expensive toys: truck, trailer, and 4-wheeler. (Of course we're still making payments on them.)

I have no problem with him and his toys, but he wants the whole family to be able to enjoy the 4-wheeler and camping. I love to go camping and I think this is a great idea, but the boys are 5 1/2, 3 1/2, almost 2 and not quiet here yet. Not the most ideal situation.

Anyhoo - the man, on his own, has been talking for the last few months about just selling everything so we can pay off our debt that much faster and get a house. Well, this last week he did it. The trailer (enclosed toy hauler) is already gone as of this last weekend.

He listed the 4-wheeler and the truck today in the Auto Trader. (Along with a classic car, his dad's motorcycle, and his dad's 4-wheeler.)

SO - instead of being out of debt by the Spring of 2011 we will be outa debt hopefully no later than the Spring of 2009 - if not sooner. Which means we can get a house!!!

It may have had to plant this little seed in his brain over 9 mos ago.....but hey, he finally got it!!! Patience does pay off!!!