Friday, May 11, 2007

Poop, Poop, and more Poop

Well, those of you with kids know that occasionally newborns will poop in the tub as they have no control over anything quiet yet. However, as they get older this will happen less often......supposedly.

Anyhoo - T never did this as an infant, neither did R or S. However, once the boy turned 18mos this has happen, not once, not twice, but FOUR times. The latest was last night. He's 23mo as of yesterday.

Last night T pigged out at dinner, and of course food was everywhere. Got the bath water going while he finished eating, stripped him down and let him run naked to the bathroom. The boy loves baths and tries to get in the tub before I'm even half way there. He's in the tub and starting to wet him down, and just started to shampoo his hair when I noticed he was going poop. Probably should mention he was squating in the tub as this time. That's just his stance when I wash him down.

Anyhoo - call K for help, and drag the boy outa the bath with soap in his hair. While trying to clean-up the tub & the boy the stinker squats and proceeds to poop more. Fine, clean that up, finish cleaning out the tub but by that time he was in the hallway and pooped again. K cleans that up as I and the boy head to our other bathroom to finish his bath. Make it too the kitchen when he not only poops again, but pees everywhere. Oh, and I should mention it was mushy poo.....not nice formed solid poo.

By this time we've had enough - quickly wipe his cute little butt with a diaper wipe and slap a diaper on. Waited a good 30-40 minutes before we attempted to complete his bath.....and yes, this whole time he had shampoo in his hair.

K tells me later that that was the only time he'd gone all day. GREAT. . . . explains the quantity though.

I can laugh about this now.....and actually we laughed about it after the poopin' machine went to bed. I'm just glad I'm not the one that has to sanitize the boy's bathtub this morning. :)

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