Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Adventures in registering your child for Kindergarten

We live in a small town (approx 6-7,000 residents) and apprently we do things at our own pace. Two weeks ago we went to a "Kindergarteners to be night" at the elementary school. At this time we got a tour of the school, the kids got to see the K classroom's, and we got a packet of forms to fill out. Then we got to sign-up for K Round-up day.

Well, I signed up for this morning at 8:30am. I thought to myself it couldn't take longer than an hour......was I wrong. We were there for 2 hours listening to all of the stuff we'll need to have in place, etc while the kids got to experience a couple of hours of Kindergarten.

It's amazing all of the crap you need to have filled with S's tree nut allergy I have extra forms to fill out for each of his emergency meds as well as two doctor's appointments to make for this summer to get the Doctor's to sign all of the forms and get refills on the expired drugs. Good thing I'm on maternity leave this summer and can make appointments at my leasure. :)

So, maybe by the time he actually starts August 20th I'll have all of this crap together.

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