Friday, June 27, 2008

Little extra $$

I have a generic e-mail account that was set-up so long ago it's on practically everyone's spam lists. Some of those spam e-mails have been for on-line surveys. I did these a long time ago and got to try out many new products, but once I had S I stopped. Well, I'm back at it again. Most places just give you points that you can redeem for $10-$15 gift cards. Figured what the heck - might get some good products to test and we can always use gift cards.

Actually I've been signing up K to do these while he's at home. I told him he needs to dedicate at least 30 minutes each day completing as many surveys as he can. He's got the free time when the kids are napping so why not.

I'm hoping this weekend to compile a list of all of the websites I've registered at in case anyone is interested.

Why can't he just keep a job?

When DSSD and I divorced I insisted on being the one to carry the health insurance, ect for S. The Judge not only asked me once, but twice if I was sure. See, it's standard for the father to carry the insurance as it will lower the cost of child support. Well considereing DSSD had 4 jobs while we were together to my one you bet I wasn't going to have him carry the insurance. Since the divorce he's had 5 jobs. With the most recent change taking place a couple of weeks ago.

What ticks me off this time is that he didn't even have the balls to tell me he was changing jobs. I get a letter from the courts stating that they'd received noticed he was no longer employed and that he need to contact the them. I get copies of all correspondence from the courts in regards to child support. I call him and he e-mails me his new info which of course I pass along to the courts.

The man is 38 yo - will he ever grow up?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday Party Pics

Well, we survived a double Birthday party on Saturday. Here are a few pics:

T's cake....hopefully you can tell it's a moneky.

Baby A's cake....supposed to be a monkey, but still looks like a bear.

Yup I made 'em, and damn proud of myself.

Here's Baby A getting her cake. She sure wasn't excited about it. That's me handing the cake to her then S and then my niece, H.

Even after mommy ripped the head off, all she wanted was the chocolate icing.....screw the cake part.

And after....need a I say more. However her skin was baby butt soft from all of that butter cream icing!!

Oh, why take a bath when the dog can lick you clean. That's the new mutt. She did amazingly well with all the people considering we've just had her for a week.

After all of this I some how managed not to get a picture of T. I'm really trying to avoid the middle child syndrome, but so far we're sucking at it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check-up Stats

This morning both T and Baby A had their yrly check-ups.

T's in the 80% for height, and the 55% for weight. Besides being an embarassingly horrible patient all is good. Just need to get on the Potty Training train.....which we keep procrastinating about.

Baby A's in the 65% for height, and the 25% for weight. She's such a little peanut. All the boys were well over 20lbs by their 1st birthday, but nope not her. She just had to be different. We're close, but she still has to face backwards until she's over 20lbs. She's 19lbs 8.5oz...little under 1/2 a pound to go. Only bad thing was she got 3 shots and she's got an ear infection. Kinda wondered yesterday if she might have one now that her cold seems to be getting better, but her walking is a little off.

Monday, June 09, 2008

WTF - Where'd the last year go?!?!?

Seriously here....what happened to the last 12mos!?!?!

Baby A - well, is no longer a baby. She's 1yo and walking every where, including right into Toddlerhood. Tired of baby food and ready for the big girl food. Ironically she's only got 6 teeth - 4 on top, 2 on bottom. She's still a petite little thing....but with 3 older brother's she's learning to hold her own.

T - well, he's 3 tomorrow. Definant as ever - especially when it comes to potty training. Yes, the boy is 3 and we've yet to start. His curls are starting to grow back after his disasturous haircut back in Jan/Feb. And the imagination that boy has is going to get him sent to the Principal's office more than I care to admit. Seriously, he made a tower of bricks and called it a his chicken. FOR 3 DAYS!!!

2 more months until R is 5, 2 more after that and S is 7. Then it's the holidays. And the birthday rounds start all over again in March with mine.

As soon as I figure out how to speed up time at work and slow it down at home I'll pass the secret along. Until then I think I'll stop complaining about the occasional sleepless night and just cuddle with my babies before they're "too old".

Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh where oh where has my little dog gone?

Well, she's coming to our house. K's dad found a stray and took her in, but he already has 2 dogs and his place isn't big enough for another dog. So, he took her to the local animal shelter. They don't have the room to keep her so after 2 weeks of not being adopted they were going to put her down. FIL had the foresight to tell them to call him should it come to that and he'd foster her until she could be adopted - and we're the suckers.

We're going tonight to pick-up a few things at PetCo, and then head down early Saturday to go pick her up. Luckily we only have Baby A and T this weekend so we can gradually get her accustomed to all of the kids. Still nervous about how she'll do next Saturday at Baby A's and T's birthday party. I'm thinking if all else fails we can crate her for a while in the garage. I hate to do this, but until we really know her temperment I think it's best.

I'll make sure to take our camera....but when you all will see photo's who knows? I so suck at remembering to download photos!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Public Transportation Etiquette

Since moving to the burbs of the big city I started riding the bus to work. It's nice. The park 'n ride is a mile from my house, and the bus only takes about 5-7 minutes longer than had I drove the commute myself.

When I first started riding in Sept. 2007 all 3 bus times on my route always had enough seats so that everyone could sit down. However, with the soaring gas prices the number of riders has at least doubled. Not only the buses home, but the ones into work do we have people standing.

Were am I going with this you might ask?? Etiquette on the bus. Most mornings and afternoons you will always find a few gentlemen willing to give up their seat to the ladies. What I've noticed is that most of these gentlemen are over 35. Hardly ever does a younger man give up his seat. At first I thought this rude and disrespectful. Now I've settled on how sad it is that his mother nor father never took the time to teach him about respecting others. What makes this even sadder is that there's a whole generation of them.

I've always vowed to raise my son's to be good husbands, but now I realize my mission has changed: I want them to be good human beings.

Note: I've never seen anyone ask someone else to give up their seat....these men do it out of the kindness of their hearts and I always thank them profussly.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

He's gone

Just got home from the exchange of S to his dad. I won't see him again until next Friday, June 13th. This is the longest he's been away from me and so far so good. It was weird this morning not having that 3rd child to check on before I head out the door to work.

Honestly hope he's okay at DSSD's for the summer. I don't think S realizes how much he'll be away from me, and I'm not sure DSSD is up for the task of being a full-time father.

Only time will tell.