Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interesting things Tyler finds to play with

While getting myself and the boys (Tyler and Stephen) ready this morning I noticed that Tyler loves to play with a lot of non-toy items around our little abode.

1. Cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towels.
2. Toilet paper
3. Paper towel
4. Used dryer sheets
5. Plastic eggs - still out from Easter
6. Anything his big brother has (yes it's started already)
7. Hangers
8. DVD boxes.....loves to slide these around the floor
9. The toilet (lid is down of course)
10. Dropping things into the bathtub
11. Daddy's socks.....clean or dirty.....actually he prefers dirty (yes, he only likes Daddy's socks.....mine nor anyone elses will do)
12. Shoe laces
13. Laundry basket turned upside down......he likes to pull himself up, and then push it around.....great way for him to practice walking
14. The dishwasher.......everytime we open it up he stops what he's doing and heads over to "help"
15. The mask to Raymond's and Stephen's nebulizer.

Yes he's weird.....but I find great comfort that at 11 1/2 mos old that he can entertain himself. I know some adults who can't even do that.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ramblings from work on Tuesday morning

Just some random thoughts I've had so far at work:
1. Sales people are not only ruthless in closing deals, they're ruthless in regards to each other as well.
2. My drive to work really does why is when I get here I hate to get out the car? (Damn books on tape!!)
3. Speaking of work......ever have those moments that you love your job yet hate it at the sametime? I've been at that point for a few weeks now....but just realized it this morning.
4. Why has my 4yo.....almost 5yo.....started poopin' his pants again??? just started last week?
5. It's nice to see a large balance in one's checking account....yet disturbingly depressing at the same time knowing most the $$ is already gone to bills yet unpaid.

More to come!!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

NASCAR is worse than Football

I don't really mind watching either......but unlike Keith I'm not a zombie sitting in front of the TV. At least with football you know it will be over in 2-3 hours. With NASCAR it's a crap shoot. Depends on where they're racing and how long the race is.......and then there's the rain delays. That means a race can last as long as 6hrs or as short as 4hrs. (I shit you not....go look at TV and just see the time frame they've blocked off.) I guess what really gets to me is that Keith considers this "spending quality time with the family". WTF!?!? Yes he's home, but he doesn't really interact with the kids (whichever ones are here at the time), and all I hear is "honey, can you make me x".

I'm hoping eventually I can get through to him that while NASCAR is important to him (actually watching Jeff Gordan win, and Tony Stewart lose) that spending time actually interacting with the kids and me is more important. Hell - we have two VCR's - tape the damn thing!!!

This must be love.....

.......for only love would cause me to go 30 miles to get Keith Chipotle. Yup, that's what I did for my man last night around 7pm. Well, that and I got him a six-pack of beer. Even after his f-up with the boxes of my "crap".

BTW - some of you might be thinking that I was way too nice. Not so. The man got up at 5am, we had some great sex, and then he got ready for work and was out the door by 6am. Then he worked all day in 90 degree weather and didn't get home until 9pm.

Okay - the actual truth is that I really wanted Chipotle. The man introduced me to this great place ( and now I'm addicted.......especially to their corn salsa. So, by pretending to do something great and wonderful for my man I secrectly full-filled my desire and craving.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Cast of Characters

Figured before I got too many posts on here I better lay out the cast of charcters and their nicknames:

Keith - love of my life, father to Tyler (ours) and Raymond (his)
Stephen - poopie bear, my son (4.5yo)
Raymond - Raymasaurous, Keith's son (2.5yo)
Tyler - Peanut, chunky monkey, the baby (1yo)
Tina - Keith's ex-bitch, Ray's mom
Casey - Stephen's sperm donor, my ex-husband
Leigh Ann - Stephen's step-mom, bi-polar control freak

I think that's on with the show

Proof that MEN don't listen

Almost a year ago we moved into a mobile home. It's very nice has 3br and 2 baths - but not a lot of storage. Keith, now known as DumbAss for the remainder of this post, decided that there wasn't enough room in our shed to store a lot of my "crap". He wanted to put it under the home. I said sure, but not the stuff in cardboard boxes. DumbAss - just heard "sure". You guessed it......everything in boxes, cardboard or plastice, went under the trailer. Now, part of this is my fault as I never go into the shed.....except for today. Innocently looking for the base to a carseat so that Tyler (aka baby, chunky monkey) can get out of the infant seat he's currently in. I notice that none of my boxes are in there......hmmm, maybe they're in the other shed. Nope, nada, nothing. Call DumbAss (he's working today) and he informs me that all my boxes of "crap" are under the home with the base to the carseat.

It took me about five minutes to get the skirting off the home to look under the home. Yes, everything is there, but ALL of the cardboard boxes are about to fall apart. DumbAss was wrong - they would not be safe from the water. I have two boxes of pictures that I hope are not completely ruined, and 3 boxes of clothes. I have yet to venture further under the home to see what else I've lost. Yes it's just "crap", but it was my crap and that crap has memories tied to it.....especially the pictures. Most of which are my oldest's baby pictures.

At least DumbAss in his infinite wisdom didn't get defensive after I called him crying, but instead told me to go buy plastic boxes and he'd help me go through all of my "crap" tonight and tomorrow if needed. Maybe he does deserve Chipolte for dinner after all.


The title says it all. Anyhoo - been thinking about doing this for awhile now, and figured since the baby is sleeping I'd get this started. Let's see.....I have 3 kids - one of each: mine, his and ours. Mine is 4.5yo going on 5, His is 2.5yo going on 3, and OURS will be one in a few days. Oh, guess I should mention they're all BOYS. (Yes, I'm the minority around here - even our damn pets are male.) I live in some little po-dunk town in the midwest. I like it, but it's 45 miles from work - which sucks, but after 12 years of the drive I'm pretty imune to it.

Oh - I'll tell you all right now - my spelling and grammer suck. If you can't handle that then go read some other blog. :)

That's it for now.