Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Ramblings from work on Monda....er Tuesday morning

Just some random thoughts I've had so far at work:
1. Sales people are not only ruthless in closing deals, they're ruthless in regards to each other as well.
2. My drive to work really does suck.......so why is when I get here I hate to get out the car? (Damn books on tape!!)
3. Speaking of work......ever have those moments that you love your job yet hate it at the sametime? I've been at that point for a few weeks now....but just realized it this morning.
4. Why has my 4yo.....almost 5yo.....started poopin' his pants again??? Seriously....it just started last week?
5. It's nice to see a large balance in one's checking account....yet disturbingly depressing at the same time knowing most the $$ is already gone to bills yet unpaid.

More to come!!

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