Sunday, May 28, 2006

NASCAR is worse than Football

I don't really mind watching either......but unlike Keith I'm not a zombie sitting in front of the TV. At least with football you know it will be over in 2-3 hours. With NASCAR it's a crap shoot. Depends on where they're racing and how long the race is.......and then there's the rain delays. That means a race can last as long as 6hrs or as short as 4hrs. (I shit you not....go look at TV and just see the time frame they've blocked off.) I guess what really gets to me is that Keith considers this "spending quality time with the family". WTF!?!? Yes he's home, but he doesn't really interact with the kids (whichever ones are here at the time), and all I hear is "honey, can you make me x".

I'm hoping eventually I can get through to him that while NASCAR is important to him (actually watching Jeff Gordan win, and Tony Stewart lose) that spending time actually interacting with the kids and me is more important. Hell - we have two VCR's - tape the damn thing!!!

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Derkeling said...

Someone needs to buy her honey a digital recorder (TiVo). He could program it to record automatically months in advance and watch the highlights when the boys are in bed.