Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Interesting things Tyler finds to play with

While getting myself and the boys (Tyler and Stephen) ready this morning I noticed that Tyler loves to play with a lot of non-toy items around our little abode.

1. Cardboard tubes from toilet paper or paper towels.
2. Toilet paper
3. Paper towel
4. Used dryer sheets
5. Plastic eggs - still out from Easter
6. Anything his big brother has (yes it's started already)
7. Hangers
8. DVD boxes.....loves to slide these around the floor
9. The toilet (lid is down of course)
10. Dropping things into the bathtub
11. Daddy's socks.....clean or dirty.....actually he prefers dirty (yes, he only likes Daddy's socks.....mine nor anyone elses will do)
12. Shoe laces
13. Laundry basket turned upside down......he likes to pull himself up, and then push it around.....great way for him to practice walking
14. The dishwasher.......everytime we open it up he stops what he's doing and heads over to "help"
15. The mask to Raymond's and Stephen's nebulizer.

Yes he's weird.....but I find great comfort that at 11 1/2 mos old that he can entertain himself. I know some adults who can't even do that.

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