Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nasatol is a serious disease!!!

Nasatol (no ass at all) by definition is a disease where a person has little to no other words with out a belt or suspenders their pants would be around their ankles.

Keith suffers from this debilitating disease, and unfortunately so do Raymond and Tyler. (Apparently it's a dominant gene as most of my family has enough ass and hips to go around.)

Anyhoo - trying to find shorts/pants to fit Ray and Tyler is near impossible. Thank heaven someone developed that is what Tyler will be living in this summer. I did buy 2 pair of size 9mo shorts for him (he'll be a year old June 10th)......but you guessed it they just slowly fall of his cute little baby butt. Oh, and finding diapers is annoying as well. You know I always wondered why Raymond's mom insisted on buying the name brand I know, the generics just don't stay on a kid with Nasatol!! So far Pampers Premium seem to be doing the job......until I run out of coupons and then we may have to try Huggies Supreme. Anything with elastic will work.

Raymond at least is old enough for belts, and occasionally we'll put him in overalls. However, belts are very hard for an almost 3 yo to put on and take off.......especially when trying to goto the potty by oneself. Potty training in itself is hard enough, but when the child is afflected with Nasatol it makes it down right frustrating and near impossible. (As long as he's potty trained by kindergarden right?)

Oh - and then there's carseats and highchairs.....both boys just slide on down. We just switched Tyler to his big boy carseat and after one trip to the grocery store I noticed I had to do something. So, now I have a little rolled up towel to put under his help inhance his minuscule butt cheeks, and so he doesn't slide out of his seat. And luckily we have a highchair that not only has a lap belt, but shoulder straps as well.

I always thought it was bad trying to find clothes for Stephen and his chunky butt, but I'd take that over this any day. At least with Stephen I knew to buy shorts/pants and tops seperately and not as outfits. With Tyler and Raymond we still do the same thing......but there's the added concern on wether or not our children will be mooning people.

So, if you have an ass - even if it's a large ass - just be glad you have one and can sit without the fear of falling on your ass.

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