Friday, June 02, 2006

The young are not as wise as they think

My ex-husband, Stephen's sperm donor, will be getting married on June 10th. Ex-H is 36 yo, while Leigh Ann is only 23, maybe 24. She has one son who is 3.5yo, never lived on her own even as a single mom, and her son spends 1/2 his time over at her parents house. Oh yeah, almost forgot - she's bi-polar, a hypochondriac, has to be the center of attention, and is pissing me off by forgetting that she's Stephen's STEP-mother, and not his actual mother. My favorite is that just because she WAS pre-med in college and HAS worked a in the medical field for 4 years she thinks she know EVERYTHING about EVERY medical condition known to man.

Now that you have a small understanding of the gal you'll understand when I say the young are not as wise as they think. The latest inccident involved our neighbors, who also happen to watch Stephen and Tyler during the day. Our neighbors had two kids of their own, girl 7 and boy 6. As you can guess the girl loves playing and helping with Tyler, and the boy and Stephen love to spend ALL day outside.

Yeserday afternoon Leigh Ann doesn't drop Stephen off over there until after 9am, and then picks him up around 4:30pm. Around this time I get call telling me that she wasn't sure what to do, but when she went to get Stephen she saw the older boy chasing him with a butter knife and acting like he wanted to stab him. I told her thanks for calling and I'll call Keith to let him know as he's picking up Tyler for me and I'll get back to her later that night. Well that apparently wasn't good enough as she drove back over 30 minutes over and started in on our neighbor.

Later on I discover that NO the boys were not given a knife, they found a knife and were digging for worms with it. When our neighbor saw LeighAnn coming down our alley way she went in side to get Stephen's stuff......and this is when the "knife" inccident occured. Apparently this got ALL blown out of porportions with Leigh Ann saying some pretty hateful things to our neighbor. Some of which included "I can't believe you'd give them a knife" "I had to tell Keith/Stephanie as I was worried what would happen to the baby" "Don't tell me what I did or did not see"......and on and on it went.

Those of us with more than one or even those of us with one who's in daycare know that you can not watch all of them every single second of the day, and eventually something stupid happens. The wise (seasoned mother's) know that kids will be kids, and boys will be boys. You do the best you can and you don't worry about them coming home covered in mud (as you know they've probably had the best time playing - and the kid and the clothes are both washable) but you do worry about the important things: are they sick, how did they get that big bruise on their shin, did they eat lunch, is your child getting along with the other kids at daycare/school, how are they doing in school, etc.

I'm not saying the boys having a knife was nothing to worry about - but when they find stuff under a porch where snakes and other creatures could be I count my blessings that they didn't find a snake. Now the young worry about everything, yet the wise have learned to worry about only what they have control of.......and most of realize that we don't have one iota of control it's just all an illusion to make us feel better.

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