Monday, June 05, 2006

Aaahh, the woes of child support

Ex-H, better known as AssHole, finally has a steady job after being unemployed for over 2 years. Once he got hired on full-time at his "new" job I called the courts to have his child support modified because he's getting away with robbery only paying $325 a month. (Keith who makes $10,000 less than AssHole pays $410 a month.)

After the courts did what they needed it went up to approx. $450 a month.....still robbery, but it's better than $325. We were to goto court tomorrow to finalize this. However, AssHole wants to contest the amount as they didn't take into consideration his living expenses.

First off AssHole - ain't my fault you were unemployed for over two years and have bills out your ass. Second, live some place don't need a 3br, 2 bath, 2 car garage house with a basement at $1000/mo. Third, have your whore get a damn job. Fourth and finally, you ain't gettin' more time with your son just so you can lower the amount you pay.

I have no sympathy left for the man - especially when I can't get him to pay the pennies he does for child support on time. He got himself into this money sinkhole now he can get his own damn self out!!!

Seriously - if it was legal to kill stupid people he would've been dead long before we ever got married.

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