Thursday, June 08, 2006


Those not familiar with a "BITE ME" post will soon come to realize that it's a mini-vent about all the stupid stuff that just pisses one off.
  1. My ex-husband who can afford to go on a honeymoon, but yet bitches because he has to cough up an extra $100 a month for child support can BITE ME!!
  2. Co-workers who go behind my back and give documentation that is now mine to supervisors and screw me because I now don't know where said documentation is located can BITE ME!!!!
  3. Not getting a fucking raise for the last 3 years can fucking BITE ME!!!!
  4. Having to wait until Jan 2007 to get my bonus for cleaning all this incentive payment shit up at work can BITE ME!!!
  5. A boyfriend who thinks he needs his nuts rubbed every night can BITE ME!!!
  6. Not getting sex at least 4 times a week can BITE ME!!! (Hey, I'm 34 and in my prime - what do you expect?)
  7. The pile of laundry and dishes that need my attention can BITE ME!!!
  8. Keith's work hours can BITE ME, and BITE ME some more!!! (I shouldn't bitch too much - I mean he's no longer on nights, but still he doesn't get home until 7:30pm or later most nights.)

I thing that's enough bitchin' for off to see if I can convince Keith for some good lovin'!!!

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