Sunday, June 25, 2006

Narcissus is alive and well at our house

Tyler, aka Narcissus, is in love with looking at himself in the mirrors around our little abode. The worst is at dinner time. We have a huge mirror on the wall in the kitchen next to where our kitchen table is located. I've discovered I must situate Tyler parallel to the mirror so that not only can he watch himself but so that he can see me and anyone else (Stephen and/or Raymond) not only in the mirror but in person. I've gotten pretty good a aiming the spoon at a moving target, and luckily Tyler's beginning to feed himself.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much.....the long mirror we had on the boy's bathroom door fell down the other day (luckily while no one was home) and Tyler has spent countless minutes playing in front of it now that we've propped it up against a wall. Yes this isn't really all that safe, but the smiles and giggles from the boy make it extremly hard to put the mirror back.

Figure we don't really need to do anything about this......that is until he starts to practice different looks in the mirror to use on his poor parental units.

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