Friday, December 30, 2011

Attic Remodel (part 1)

Stairs to Attic - looking up

Top of stairs to Attic - our front door
It took us a week, but we did it.  We painted - 3 coats of white - the walls, trim and windows.  Pulled up the old white carpet (that had food stains, marker stains, and yes vomit stains).  We were going to replace the carpet, but when hauling out the old carpet we ripped the padding - and there were hardwood floors underneath.  So we pulled up the padding as well.  K removed all the carpet tack strips, and S and R and I pulled up all the staples holding the padding in place.  We did the same to the stairs that were also carpeted since those too were hardwood floors.

 Here are the pictures of the finished product.  Did forget to mention we mopped the floor twice w/Murphy Oil Soap.  If you look closely you'll see the lavendar walls we painted over in the closet.  (We are not repainting the closet - boys don't care and K and I are exhausted/sore from all of this hard work.)  We still need to remove their old dressers and bring up the better ones we have in the basement - but that is a job for tomorrow.

The last 3 pics are of the other half of the attic we need to finish.  First we need to hire an Electritian to come out and put in another outlet or two (there's only one) and an overhead light.  Once that is done we need to put in a sub-floor, and then the carpet and padding.  Lastly the trim.

This will probably be the 1/2 the boys sleep in and their dressers, and the half that's finished will end up being a place for the TV, a couple of desks, and a futon.