Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm finally in PANIC mode . . . . .

. . . .in regards to our trip next week. I'm surprised I've held it together as long as I have. However, now that I'm behind at work (damn shit that nobody thinks about and I get to clean-up) and we're leaving in less than a week the panic is slowly creeping to the front.

I will admit with Keith not working this last week has probably hendered the onset of my panic. You see he's been able to keep the dishes done, make dinner, and sorta keep up with the laundry. All I've been doing is get the boys ready in the morning, leave for work, work, come home, eat dinner, bed....and do it all over again the next day.

I know I owe him so that is why I haven't complained one bit about him going 45 minutes away tonight to race his ATV (4-wheeler). He won't be home until late - but I don't care. He deserves this. Hell, I even drove 45 minutes from work in the opposite direction of home to pick up his ATV so he'd have it for tonight. Some of you are thinking "SO?" - well after picking up said ATV that made my drive home at 2hrs so I did not arrive at our little abode until 8pm. Doesn't give me much time to spend with the kid(s) when they goto bed at 8:30pm.

Anyhoo - I just keep running through my mental list of shit that has, and I mean HAS, to be done before we can fly out of KCI Tuesday morning. Hopefully with Keith gone I can get the last of the laundry folded and then packed (why put it away when it's going to end up in a suitcase in two days anyway???). Then we have all weekend - both boys are at their other parents house and Stephen's with his dad until Tuesday. As long as Mr Needy (aka Tyler) cooperates I should be able to get a lot done.

Breathe deeply...........hell, just breathe. Before I know it I'll be chasing 3 kids around the airport at an ungodly hour of the morning and starting the first leg of our adventure.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

The fine art of LYING

At some point in our lives we learn to lie. Usually this is learned from other people and most likely occured by ripe old age of 4 - sometimes sooner.

Stephen, almost 5, didn't start lying to us until he was 3.5 almost 4yo. Okay, let me clarify we didn't notice he was lying until he was that age.....he could've started earlier but we just didn't catch him at it. With him it was blantent lying. We'd see him do something wrong, ask him about it and he'd of course deny doing whatever it was. Eventually he'd own up to the wrong doing, and now that he's older doesn't do it as often. As with all kids he still tries here and there - without success of course 'cause now we're on to him. Ultimately Stephen's goal with lying was to get out of trouble. (He's only once tried to blame something on someone else - that I'm aware of.)

Raymond, almost 3, just this last weekend was caught on several occasions lying. Not only was he trying to get himself out of trouble but he was telling lies to get Stephen or Tyler in trouble. Stephen was easy to deal with and after asking him what happend he'd tell us the truth. Raymond on the other hand would repeat the same story over and over again......however, with a little work at rephrasing the questions we were asking we'd get to the truth.

I admit - gotta give the boy credit for creativity, that and realizing Daddy's a sucker. Yup, Daddy I don't think wants to believe Raymond can do any wrong - none of us want to admit that about our children. However, Daddy's eyes were opened this last weekend and Raymond was not happy about the consequences of lying. But what goes for one child will apply to the others.

My only fear now is what will Tyler try and pull in the lying department on his "unsuspecting" parents??

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Damn personal life is interferring with my work!!

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but my paternal grandmother (only grandparent I have left) has been in and out of the hospital since around Easter. She's currently battling the following:
1. Kidney failure - only working at 20% and she refuses dialysis
2. Congestive heart failure - on pills for this
3. Diabetic - was on the pill, but now on shots
4. Bleeding ulcer - this is the latest

The old woman is 87 years old, and all of this is finally taking it's toll on her. She's been in the hospital since last Friday, however we (all 5 of us) didn't go and see her until last night. (Dad said she wasn't very "with it" on Friday and Saturday and by Sunday night looking/sounding better.) The boys did pretty good. The older two weren't really sure what to think, but they did give her a hug. We didn't stay long as the boys needed dinner.

Then there's our daycare provider. She's unexpectedly pregnant and has been having a hard time of it. She's took days off last week and she's off again today and probably tomorrow as she's concerned about they bleeding she's been having off and on. I really feel for her as I know this was totally unplanned pregnancy and it's hard enough coming to terms with having a 3rd child but to then to lose that child.........

Oh, then there's packing and making arraingments for our trip to Baltimore. Pretty sure we've got a plan of action - but we still need to figure out the stroller and carseats.

And above it all there's the guilt I have about not spending enough time with my boys. I haven't been getting home until 7pm or later and I'm going to have to work this coming weekend. I'm starting to feel the stress and if you ask Keith it's showing.

Just wish my personal life would stop interferring with work so that I can get my work done so I'm not drowing when I get back from vacation. Anyone want to trade lives for a few days??

Monday, July 17, 2006

110 heat index and how to entertain 3 kids

I really shouldn't complain. We've had decent weather most of the summer.....that is until this last weekend. By noon it was 94 each day.....and after that I stopped trying to care. However, when it's that hot it's hard to just go outside and let the boys burn off energy.

Saturday started out okay - we did the pool, sprinkler, and slip 'n slide thing in the morning. After lunch and naps we couldn't decide (make that DumbAss wouldn't make a decision) what to go and do. So we stuck it out inside ALL friggin' afternoon and evening. By the time it was bedtime I was in serious need of booze and drugs....for the kids, not me. Let's just say the rule about running through the house got thrown out the window about an hour after they were up from their naps. In all seriousness they all did play well together - even with me cleaning out their toys and organizing their rooms.

That night I told DumbAss, errr....Keith, we better have a plan for Sunday as I don't think I'd survive another Saturday. Sunday we slept in, made breakfast, had a light snack for lunch and then miraclously all 3 slept at the same time. By the time they were all awake is was almost 3pm. By 3:15 we were out the door and headed to Googols ( For 2 hours of energy burning fun the $15 was worth it. Oh and the $10 on tokens for the games. After that we headed to Cici's pizza for dinner. Got home around 7pm. By the time we got all the kids bathed and ready for bed it was 8pm. Watched a little TV and by 8:30 all were sound alseep in bed.

Those of you who don't know Keith don't understand what a cheap ass he is. I'm pretty sure this is why we didn't go anywhere on Saturday. Never mind I had a free family pass to the children's museum 30 minutes away - he just didn't want to spend the gas getting there. However, after Sunday I think he's realized that $15 is much cheaper than losing our sanity. Plus it's not like we do this every weekend.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

No more fear of public toilets

Yup - as a teenager and even in my 20's I did not really like to use public restrooms. Especially if I had to do more than just pee. As a mother I rarely use the bathroom alone at home - but at work I go when I want and by MYSELF!! I hate to admit this but I almost prefer to use the bathroom at work anymore. Yes, even to take a crap.

Now most fathers can still enjoy the bathroom by themselves. However, Keith has started to realize why I never get anything done quickly anymore. He's been home with Tyler the last two days and as almost all 13mos olds do - they follow the adult that's in charge, and yes even into the bathroom. Of course I'm just laughing when he calls to tell me this. Welcome to the world of motherhood.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Only someone with kids will understand the feelings I'm having at this moment. Tyler (at 13mos old) has finally decided he wants to walk. And walk he's been doing. All over the house in fact. He's been on the verge for the last month now.....but sometime between Saturday morning and yesterday evening he decided it was time that he choose walking as the preferred method of transporation over crawling.

I'm relieved as we won't have physical therapy, but also a little nervous.....he's now more likely to fall and get hurt. Yes I have two that are older and I've been through this before - but until he's 2yo or even 2.5yo they're still a toddler and in my mind's eye my baby.

Of course he's still unsteady - and you almost forget how cute they are when they first learn. So cautious, afraid, yet proud of their accomplishment.

Monday, July 10, 2006

The sweetest thing....

.....happened Sunday afternoon. Tyler was playing in Stephen's room and was dragging out anything and everything into the hallway. This included Stephen's baby doll. Yes, you read that correctly baby doll. Tyler of course goes hardly anywhere without his bottle.....while playing with Stephen's baby doll he proceeded to share his bottle with the doll. I kid you not. I couldn't believe how sweet it was that he was sharing - especially for only being 13mos old. Heck, the 5yo and 3yo hate to share sometimes. Even the adults in our house hate to share - especially our liquor.

Of course not only were the batteries dead in the digital camera, but my nice 35mm camera as well. So, during my drive home I'm stopping at Wally World or Target and buying some damn batteries!!!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sign me up for therapy now!!!

July 27th at 6am we'll be headed out the door to catch our 8:20am flight out of KCI to Baltimore. Yes we are flying with all 3 boys. God help me - okay, {insert name of good prescription drug} help me. Being the planner that I am I've already had to create a list of what we need to take just for the boys, what will be used as carry-ons, and what we're going to do for suitcases for all of us. Actually I've had to control the urge to start packing NOW!!! Yes, I'm nuts and by the end of this trip I WILL need serious mental help.

Then to top it off this trip is so we can attent Keith's family reunion. They've invited everyone they can who's related to his great-great-granparents (his grandmother's grandparents). I'm worried about how many little kids will be in attendence (under 6yo) - but Keith says I shouldn't worry about it. Easier said than done - if our 3 are the youngest it means that the "kids" activities will be geared towards older kids and they won't have anyone their age to play with but each other. And for anyone who's been on a family vacation with just your sibling to pal around with you all know the first few hours or day your fine, but after 5 days you're at each other's throats.

Not sure where this post is going - I guess right now I'd be happy to get the confirmation of the rental car with carseats and the hotel room. Off to start drinking!!!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

YEAH!!! Keith got a new job!!!

Induldge me here. Keith's prior job was a pretty good job, except:
1. Didn't know until the day before if he was working or not
2. Never knew what time he'd get off work
3. Had to work Mon-Fri and Saturdays.

If he was single or we had no kids this would be a great job as he got overtime out the ass. However, since we do have kids this left pick-up and drop-off at daycare all to me. Which menat I wasn't getting in a full 8 hours at work and bosshole actually kept track.

The new job starts Monday and hours are 6am-3pm, Monday through Friday. Which means I do drop-off and he can do pick-up. Plus it gives him about 2 hrs before daycare closes for the day to get stuff done so I can still have the perks of a house husband!!!

Only downside is that this is a temp to perm job which means no insurance benefits for at least 4mos. This is a problem as Keith is the one required to carry the health insurance on Raymond. Before anyone says anything - no we're not married so I can't add R to my health insurance.

Not sure what we're (okay he) going to do - his ex-bitch will complain even though she has health ins through her work. Guess we'll have to figure something out that won't cost us and arm, leg, & a kidney!

At Work on a SATURDAY

Yup - you read that correctly...........I'm here at work and it's a Saturday. Between the holiday on Tuesday and our e-mail and most of the network out of commission on Friday I'm behind.....especially if I want to go on vacation July 27th without worrying about my work.

I know it's work....don't worry about it. However, when you're the one responsible for calculating and paying over 300 people in 3 divisions their bonuses you hate to have it late or screw it up. Actually things are going much better and faster than they did last quarter-end - but now that I've said that some stupid problem is going to come up and just ruin my timeline.

I swear - if I'm here next Saturday I'm bringing a six pack with me!!!!

Oh well - to those who have the day off - ENJOY!!!

Monday, July 03, 2006


Okay - I was thinking the other day of all of the things I have learned now that I'm a parent. I will admit that some of these things I may have figured out later in life.......but I doubt it, I'm not that smart. :)

Anyhoo here are just a few things I've discovered about myself and life:
1. What works for one child may or may not work for other children. Same could be said about co-workers.
2. If you're always in a hurry to get to the next step you'll miss out on the world going on around you. I was so anxious for Stephen to reach the next mile stone as an infant that I completely forgot to enjoy just the day to day activities.
3. The dirtier the child the more worn out and happier she/he'll be. Seriously - they're just clothes and soap/water will clean them up and the kid. Isn't the point of being a kid to have fun and enjoy life? What better way then to go outside and play and not worry about if mom/dad are going to be upset that your clothes are dirty?
4. Doing things because others like them - you might find out you actually enjoyed your self. This is true in adult to adult relationships and parent to child relationships. I've done many things I wasn't overly thrilled about for my ex-H and Keith - but in the end we had a pretty good time. Same for my kids - let the laundry or dishes wait, and go dig up some worms or go on a bug hunt. Not my favorite - but the smiles, looks of awe and giggles are all worth it.
5. Having kids does NOT mean you have to completely grow up. Seriously here - when playing with your kids (or nieces/nephews) let the little kid in you out. We all need a chance to unwind and/or relax - and letting your inner child out is a great way to to this. As an added bonus the kids you're playing with will think you're a GOD!!

Oh, I know I still have a lot to learn and luckily, as Keith tells me all the time, I have the patience to wait until I do.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm sooo the guy in this relationship

Okay - when I was in HS I was told that women reach their sexual peak around 27-29. So, when I didn't get mine I was seriously pissed. Little did I know they LIED!!! Now that I'm 34 I've been horny for the last two years. I thought getting a younger man would be in my best interest. NOT!!!!

He wonders why I'm bitchy and always in a pissy mood.....hey DumbAss you walk around horny all day for days at a time and see how good of a mood you're in!!!!! And self pleasure just isn't as satisfying!!!

Seriously - he's turned into the girl (I'm tired, I'm just not in the mood, can't you take care of that yourself) and I have turned into a horny teenage guy (you wanna, come on, what about a quicky, that's it I'm getting a dildo bigger than you). Okay, not many horny teenage guys would go out an buy a dildo (unless they were bisexual or gay) but you get my point.

Guess there's not much I can really do about the situation - however, I figure on my way home I'll stop and get a little sex toy or two and buy the man a porn. Maybe THAT will get him in the mood.

Update to my week.....

......which did get better.

Thursday night was nice and relaxing. Got T again to bed at decent hour and he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!

Friday was okay - but knowing I would be at work Saturday I just couldn't muster any energy to get shit done. However, I did at least put together a couple of analysis pieces for a dept I'm soon to be working with. Only downside is one of the depts I work with decided at 4:30pm that I need to do a commission payment analysis on 6 people since 2003 - and it's due July 11th. WTF?!?!? I'm working on quarter-end and month-end commission payments for 9 departments (aka over 200 people). Luckily the other gal that supports this dept has volunteered to help out - basically I've got the data and she's got the time.

Dang!! I was hoping this would be a valid excuse to start drinking at work - oh, well

Anyhoo - hopefully today should be fun. I've been up since 5:15am and at work since 6:15am. I'm hoping my happy tired caffinated ass can leave no later than noon.

Oh, on a side note: the greatest man in the world graciously took care of Tyler this morning and went to pick-up Raymond for the weekend. Don't worry he's been paid with great sex and Red Lobster last night......if he's lucky (okay, if I'm lucky) he'll get more today - sex that is.