Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Damn personal life is interferring with my work!!

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but my paternal grandmother (only grandparent I have left) has been in and out of the hospital since around Easter. She's currently battling the following:
1. Kidney failure - only working at 20% and she refuses dialysis
2. Congestive heart failure - on pills for this
3. Diabetic - was on the pill, but now on shots
4. Bleeding ulcer - this is the latest

The old woman is 87 years old, and all of this is finally taking it's toll on her. She's been in the hospital since last Friday, however we (all 5 of us) didn't go and see her until last night. (Dad said she wasn't very "with it" on Friday and Saturday and by Sunday night looking/sounding better.) The boys did pretty good. The older two weren't really sure what to think, but they did give her a hug. We didn't stay long as the boys needed dinner.

Then there's our daycare provider. She's unexpectedly pregnant and has been having a hard time of it. She's took days off last week and she's off again today and probably tomorrow as she's concerned about they bleeding she's been having off and on. I really feel for her as I know this was totally unplanned pregnancy and it's hard enough coming to terms with having a 3rd child but to then to lose that child.........

Oh, then there's packing and making arraingments for our trip to Baltimore. Pretty sure we've got a plan of action - but we still need to figure out the stroller and carseats.

And above it all there's the guilt I have about not spending enough time with my boys. I haven't been getting home until 7pm or later and I'm going to have to work this coming weekend. I'm starting to feel the stress and if you ask Keith it's showing.

Just wish my personal life would stop interferring with work so that I can get my work done so I'm not drowing when I get back from vacation. Anyone want to trade lives for a few days??

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