Saturday, July 08, 2006

At Work on a SATURDAY

Yup - you read that correctly...........I'm here at work and it's a Saturday. Between the holiday on Tuesday and our e-mail and most of the network out of commission on Friday I'm behind.....especially if I want to go on vacation July 27th without worrying about my work.

I know it's work....don't worry about it. However, when you're the one responsible for calculating and paying over 300 people in 3 divisions their bonuses you hate to have it late or screw it up. Actually things are going much better and faster than they did last quarter-end - but now that I've said that some stupid problem is going to come up and just ruin my timeline.

I swear - if I'm here next Saturday I'm bringing a six pack with me!!!!

Oh well - to those who have the day off - ENJOY!!!

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