Monday, July 17, 2006

110 heat index and how to entertain 3 kids

I really shouldn't complain. We've had decent weather most of the summer.....that is until this last weekend. By noon it was 94 each day.....and after that I stopped trying to care. However, when it's that hot it's hard to just go outside and let the boys burn off energy.

Saturday started out okay - we did the pool, sprinkler, and slip 'n slide thing in the morning. After lunch and naps we couldn't decide (make that DumbAss wouldn't make a decision) what to go and do. So we stuck it out inside ALL friggin' afternoon and evening. By the time it was bedtime I was in serious need of booze and drugs....for the kids, not me. Let's just say the rule about running through the house got thrown out the window about an hour after they were up from their naps. In all seriousness they all did play well together - even with me cleaning out their toys and organizing their rooms.

That night I told DumbAss, errr....Keith, we better have a plan for Sunday as I don't think I'd survive another Saturday. Sunday we slept in, made breakfast, had a light snack for lunch and then miraclously all 3 slept at the same time. By the time they were all awake is was almost 3pm. By 3:15 we were out the door and headed to Googols ( For 2 hours of energy burning fun the $15 was worth it. Oh and the $10 on tokens for the games. After that we headed to Cici's pizza for dinner. Got home around 7pm. By the time we got all the kids bathed and ready for bed it was 8pm. Watched a little TV and by 8:30 all were sound alseep in bed.

Those of you who don't know Keith don't understand what a cheap ass he is. I'm pretty sure this is why we didn't go anywhere on Saturday. Never mind I had a free family pass to the children's museum 30 minutes away - he just didn't want to spend the gas getting there. However, after Sunday I think he's realized that $15 is much cheaper than losing our sanity. Plus it's not like we do this every weekend.

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Mitzi Green said...

we did the same thing sunday. even worse now that ben is broken and that fact kind of limits our options. we did buy bob one of those "plug'n'play" videogames (featuring nick jr. character games that bear a close resemblance to pac man) as a reward (bribe) for jumping off the diving board 6 times, and that kept him occupied for a while. just think, we'll get to suffer the same fate come winter when it's 20 below...