Saturday, July 08, 2006

YEAH!!! Keith got a new job!!!

Induldge me here. Keith's prior job was a pretty good job, except:
1. Didn't know until the day before if he was working or not
2. Never knew what time he'd get off work
3. Had to work Mon-Fri and Saturdays.

If he was single or we had no kids this would be a great job as he got overtime out the ass. However, since we do have kids this left pick-up and drop-off at daycare all to me. Which menat I wasn't getting in a full 8 hours at work and bosshole actually kept track.

The new job starts Monday and hours are 6am-3pm, Monday through Friday. Which means I do drop-off and he can do pick-up. Plus it gives him about 2 hrs before daycare closes for the day to get stuff done so I can still have the perks of a house husband!!!

Only downside is that this is a temp to perm job which means no insurance benefits for at least 4mos. This is a problem as Keith is the one required to carry the health insurance on Raymond. Before anyone says anything - no we're not married so I can't add R to my health insurance.

Not sure what we're (okay he) going to do - his ex-bitch will complain even though she has health ins through her work. Guess we'll have to figure something out that won't cost us and arm, leg, & a kidney!


TxGambit said...

Congrats to Keith!!!!!



Mitzi Green said...


get a stand-alone policy from blue crap blue shit. the one i had for bob ran about $78/month and covered everything my work insurance covered. email me if you want and i can give you the agent's email address (my sister works at the agency).