Saturday, July 01, 2006

I'm sooo the guy in this relationship

Okay - when I was in HS I was told that women reach their sexual peak around 27-29. So, when I didn't get mine I was seriously pissed. Little did I know they LIED!!! Now that I'm 34 I've been horny for the last two years. I thought getting a younger man would be in my best interest. NOT!!!!

He wonders why I'm bitchy and always in a pissy mood.....hey DumbAss you walk around horny all day for days at a time and see how good of a mood you're in!!!!! And self pleasure just isn't as satisfying!!!

Seriously - he's turned into the girl (I'm tired, I'm just not in the mood, can't you take care of that yourself) and I have turned into a horny teenage guy (you wanna, come on, what about a quicky, that's it I'm getting a dildo bigger than you). Okay, not many horny teenage guys would go out an buy a dildo (unless they were bisexual or gay) but you get my point.

Guess there's not much I can really do about the situation - however, I figure on my way home I'll stop and get a little sex toy or two and buy the man a porn. Maybe THAT will get him in the mood.

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