Thursday, July 20, 2006

The fine art of LYING

At some point in our lives we learn to lie. Usually this is learned from other people and most likely occured by ripe old age of 4 - sometimes sooner.

Stephen, almost 5, didn't start lying to us until he was 3.5 almost 4yo. Okay, let me clarify we didn't notice he was lying until he was that age.....he could've started earlier but we just didn't catch him at it. With him it was blantent lying. We'd see him do something wrong, ask him about it and he'd of course deny doing whatever it was. Eventually he'd own up to the wrong doing, and now that he's older doesn't do it as often. As with all kids he still tries here and there - without success of course 'cause now we're on to him. Ultimately Stephen's goal with lying was to get out of trouble. (He's only once tried to blame something on someone else - that I'm aware of.)

Raymond, almost 3, just this last weekend was caught on several occasions lying. Not only was he trying to get himself out of trouble but he was telling lies to get Stephen or Tyler in trouble. Stephen was easy to deal with and after asking him what happend he'd tell us the truth. Raymond on the other hand would repeat the same story over and over again......however, with a little work at rephrasing the questions we were asking we'd get to the truth.

I admit - gotta give the boy credit for creativity, that and realizing Daddy's a sucker. Yup, Daddy I don't think wants to believe Raymond can do any wrong - none of us want to admit that about our children. However, Daddy's eyes were opened this last weekend and Raymond was not happy about the consequences of lying. But what goes for one child will apply to the others.

My only fear now is what will Tyler try and pull in the lying department on his "unsuspecting" parents??

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