Saturday, July 01, 2006

Update to my week.....

......which did get better.

Thursday night was nice and relaxing. Got T again to bed at decent hour and he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!

Friday was okay - but knowing I would be at work Saturday I just couldn't muster any energy to get shit done. However, I did at least put together a couple of analysis pieces for a dept I'm soon to be working with. Only downside is one of the depts I work with decided at 4:30pm that I need to do a commission payment analysis on 6 people since 2003 - and it's due July 11th. WTF?!?!? I'm working on quarter-end and month-end commission payments for 9 departments (aka over 200 people). Luckily the other gal that supports this dept has volunteered to help out - basically I've got the data and she's got the time.

Dang!! I was hoping this would be a valid excuse to start drinking at work - oh, well

Anyhoo - hopefully today should be fun. I've been up since 5:15am and at work since 6:15am. I'm hoping my happy tired caffinated ass can leave no later than noon.

Oh, on a side note: the greatest man in the world graciously took care of Tyler this morning and went to pick-up Raymond for the weekend. Don't worry he's been paid with great sex and Red Lobster last night......if he's lucky (okay, if I'm lucky) he'll get more today - sex that is.

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