Sunday, July 09, 2006

Sign me up for therapy now!!!

July 27th at 6am we'll be headed out the door to catch our 8:20am flight out of KCI to Baltimore. Yes we are flying with all 3 boys. God help me - okay, {insert name of good prescription drug} help me. Being the planner that I am I've already had to create a list of what we need to take just for the boys, what will be used as carry-ons, and what we're going to do for suitcases for all of us. Actually I've had to control the urge to start packing NOW!!! Yes, I'm nuts and by the end of this trip I WILL need serious mental help.

Then to top it off this trip is so we can attent Keith's family reunion. They've invited everyone they can who's related to his great-great-granparents (his grandmother's grandparents). I'm worried about how many little kids will be in attendence (under 6yo) - but Keith says I shouldn't worry about it. Easier said than done - if our 3 are the youngest it means that the "kids" activities will be geared towards older kids and they won't have anyone their age to play with but each other. And for anyone who's been on a family vacation with just your sibling to pal around with you all know the first few hours or day your fine, but after 5 days you're at each other's throats.

Not sure where this post is going - I guess right now I'd be happy to get the confirmation of the rental car with carseats and the hotel room. Off to start drinking!!!


TxGambit said...

Goooood luck! I'm sure once its over, it won't seem so bad.... because well it will be over!


Derkeling said...

You're going to Baltimore? When are you coming to Chicago? Hmm....?