Tuesday, September 25, 2007

You know your getting old when . . . .

. . . . . . you spend the first 15 minutes at work (when nobody else is here yet) on the internet looking for a waffle iron that's non-stick, has removeable and possibly even exchanable plates. See this is what I'm buying myself for X-mas this year since I'm tired of spending money on frozen waffles. I figured one weekend a month I could just make up a huge batch of waffles, french toast, and yes even pancakes and freeze them. Then the boys would be set for the whole month for breakfast or lunch and even dinner. If you haven't guessed we eat a lot of waffles/pancakes/french toast in our house......my boys love their breakfast.

So far this is the best one I've seen:

I just would really like one w/exchangeable plates to make quesadilla's or even grilled cheese on them. Oh well - I guess I have a few months to X-mas so I'll keep looking.

Monday, September 24, 2007

No use crying over spilt milk ? ! ?

Definitely a saying a man came up with.....probably after he saw his wife crying over wasted/spilt breast milk.

Men just don't get it do they? They don't understand the effort and time it takes to get a good supply going, then the foods you can no longer consume (caffine, chocolate, anything spicy, etc). Oh, and the constant worry of "do I have enough?" Then there's the sore nipples and breast engorgement, and breast milk leaking every where. As well as remembering to take our vitamins and avoiding medicines when we're sick.

So, yes when you (aka men) waste any drop of breastmilk we will cry and we will yell at you, but understand it's not just breast milk you're wasting but our hardwork and effort. Apparently which only our children understand and appreciate.

For those that care.....K just wasted a 5oz bag of breast milk the other day. I was so mad I told him if his daughter starves it's his fault. Never mind the twenty or so bags of frozen breast milk in the freezer.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Turtles can't play with Hot Wheels Tyler"

This is the latest chant around our house. On the average we dig out 3-4 Hot Wheels a day from the fish/turtle tank. I think his obsession with doing this goes back to the toilet.....yes, we've retrieved many a Hot Wheel from the toilet as well.

Then there's the bread crumb incident. Mr Destruction got into the pantry, found the container of bread crumbs and proceeded to "feed" the fish/turtles bread crumbs. So after only having the fish/turtles in the new house for 10 days we've cleaned/changed water now 4 times.

Thinking we should introduce our selves to the Principal at the elementary school our children will attend......I have a feeling the first day of Kindergarten for T we'll be getting a call.

My new toothbrush

Yup - this is my new toothbrush. Isn't it trendy???

In all seriousness here - this is what I'm using until I can (a) find my toothbrush that Mr Destruction ran off with or (b) finish unpacking the bathroom and find the spare adult toothbrushes I know we have.

Let's just say that ALL bathroom doors are now closed - at least until we can deter Mr Destructions fascination with the bathroom. Okay it's more like an obsession - just last week we had to replace K's razor as Mr D got a hold of it and tossed it in the toilet, that and his body puff K uses in the shower.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jayhawk Football 2007

Okay - now that school's back in session I can start to focus on what's really important: KU Sports!!

Yeah-yeah, I know. KU sucks at football.....but Coach Mark Mangino is slowly building us a great program. We've already won our first two games and this Saturday we're going for win number 3!!

Hopefully we'll continue to perform throughout the regularly scheduled Big 12 games. As always I look forward to the KU vs K-State Kansas showdown. Especially since we may actually be better than them - first time in a good 10 years.

Poop, Crap, Kaka, Doody, etc

Why is it no one tells you that at some point in your life after having children you will live and die by the bowel movement. Oh, not yours - but your kid's.

Whether or not my child has pooped can determine my whole mood for the day. See - I have 3 kids who all have had trouble going poo at one time or another, and when they don't go at least once a day they just get in a fowl mood. I'm not shittin'. Yup - pun intended.

To prove my point, K called me at work just to tell me the baby girl finally went dukie after 4 days of nothing. The rest of day at work was just great and I was just in a good mood. I think I felt as much relief as she had! Now the little stinker is back to not poopin' and I'm getting just a little worried.

Ironically if the older two go poopie more than once in a day for at least two days in a row they're on the verge of getting sick. No shit - by day two they've got a nasty cold and bad sinus drainage.

See - life does revolve around shit......at least in my house.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fish can't live in Milk & Turtles don't eat Crayons

We moved over a month ago, but just this last weekend we finally moved the turtle/fish tank. We still don't have the stand, but we needed to get the "pets" out of our previous home so we could get it cleaned and ready to rent/sell.

Right now the tank is setting on the ledge in front of the fire place in the living/front room. Unfortunately this makes the top of the tank at just the right height for Mr. Destruction. Apparently the day before he dumped a whole box of crayons in the tank, and then yesterday he poured milk from his cup in the tank. Strawberry milk if you must know.

While I got the boys situated for dinner K emptied as much water as possible and cleaned-up the tank as best he could. Sadly our two bottom feeders (looked like baby cat fish) kicked the bucket, but we've still got four gold fish.

The turtles are fine......as they've just had a nice meal of fish. Yup - they ate the two that died. BTW - the remaining gold fish don't look so good either, but only time will tell.

Tonight R comes to stay so I'm thinking a trip to the pet store will be in order to get some more feeder gold fish (aka turtle food), snails, and two more cat fish. Now if we could just get the stand from K's dad we can foil the rest of Mr Destructions dasterdly plans. At least the ones invovling the fish/turtle tank.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Peter Pan Peanut Butter

Ahhhh......I've never been soooo happy to see a product back on the shelf!! Now if I can only find the no sugar added I'll be in heaven!

Yup - I'm old.......these are the things that turn me on lately!

Moving SUCKS!!

Plain and simple.

So not only do we have to keep up with the daily crap around our new house, but we're still unpacking. And little Miss High Maintance doesn't help. And neither does this stupid cold that T got last weekend that he's now passed along to everyone else in the house in one form or another.

Oooooo - and then there's trying to find the crap that you have unpacked. Like last night trying to find my hand-held mixer....found the beaters, but not the mixer. Where it's at is a mystery to me. Hopefully I can find it before I make mash taters again - then again I like lumpy mash taters.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What is it with boys and their penis

I know it's because I'm female and I don't have one is the reason for my lack of understanding, but seriously folks what's the fascination?

I ask because this is what I've dealt with at my house within the last week:
* R - just turned 4 and is constantly grabing himself. Finally told him it's okay to play with it in the bathroom or your bedroom, but NOT out in public.
* S - will be 6 in October, and recently informed me he likes playing with his penis. Fine, once again in your bedroom or in the bathroom, not in public.
* T - biddy boy just turned 2 in June. I swear the boy gets a woody the second you start to change his diaper he's that eager to grab/play with it. Oh - then there's the bathtub and the cups....you guessed it, the cups go over the penis.

Oye - how am I to survive the pre-teen and teenage years if they're already this fascinated with their favorite appendage? Maybe this is why I finally had a girl - but then again that's a whole different can of worms.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Pirate Movie


If you've never seen it - go get your drunk on and watch!!! Seriously this is right up there with "The Princess Bride". Now off to find the soundtrack!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Short, but sweet

The gravesite service yesterday for my grandmother was short, but sweet and not overly religious. I hate to admit this, but I honestly thought it would just family and one or two close friends. Was I wrong. Besides family (only 9 of us including the great-grandkids) there were at least 25 other people in attendance. Many people spoke up about what a wonderful woman, friend, person she was.

Made me realize I didn't really know my grandmother at all. Yes, I should've taken the time, but as a child she was always stand-offish - unaproachable almost. Unfortunately that feeling carried with me into adulthood. All of this has also made me very thankful for my own mother - as she's a wonderful grandmother.

Here's her obituary in the Lawrence Journal World:

Breakfast short-cuts

Okay - the boys love their waffles/pancakes/french toast and sausage links. It dawned on me the other day that the groves in our Geo. Foreman knock-off is just the right size for sausage links. You can cook about 14 at a time and you don't need to really worry about turning them, etc. Just set the timer and go. I can cook-up two packages of sausage links w/o the hassle and the boys get their sausage for their breakfast. Now I just gotta try bacon!

Second thing I just figured out......corn starch mixes great with milk and works wonders at thickening gravy for biscuts and gravy. This way you don't get that over powering flour taste. Made the best gravy this morning. Even K said it was my best effort yet.