Monday, September 10, 2007

What is it with boys and their penis

I know it's because I'm female and I don't have one is the reason for my lack of understanding, but seriously folks what's the fascination?

I ask because this is what I've dealt with at my house within the last week:
* R - just turned 4 and is constantly grabing himself. Finally told him it's okay to play with it in the bathroom or your bedroom, but NOT out in public.
* S - will be 6 in October, and recently informed me he likes playing with his penis. Fine, once again in your bedroom or in the bathroom, not in public.
* T - biddy boy just turned 2 in June. I swear the boy gets a woody the second you start to change his diaper he's that eager to grab/play with it. Oh - then there's the bathtub and the guessed it, the cups go over the penis.

Oye - how am I to survive the pre-teen and teenage years if they're already this fascinated with their favorite appendage? Maybe this is why I finally had a girl - but then again that's a whole different can of worms.

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