Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fish can't live in Milk & Turtles don't eat Crayons

We moved over a month ago, but just this last weekend we finally moved the turtle/fish tank. We still don't have the stand, but we needed to get the "pets" out of our previous home so we could get it cleaned and ready to rent/sell.

Right now the tank is setting on the ledge in front of the fire place in the living/front room. Unfortunately this makes the top of the tank at just the right height for Mr. Destruction. Apparently the day before he dumped a whole box of crayons in the tank, and then yesterday he poured milk from his cup in the tank. Strawberry milk if you must know.

While I got the boys situated for dinner K emptied as much water as possible and cleaned-up the tank as best he could. Sadly our two bottom feeders (looked like baby cat fish) kicked the bucket, but we've still got four gold fish.

The turtles are they've just had a nice meal of fish. Yup - they ate the two that died. BTW - the remaining gold fish don't look so good either, but only time will tell.

Tonight R comes to stay so I'm thinking a trip to the pet store will be in order to get some more feeder gold fish (aka turtle food), snails, and two more cat fish. Now if we could just get the stand from K's dad we can foil the rest of Mr Destructions dasterdly plans. At least the ones invovling the fish/turtle tank.

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