Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Turtles can't play with Hot Wheels Tyler"

This is the latest chant around our house. On the average we dig out 3-4 Hot Wheels a day from the fish/turtle tank. I think his obsession with doing this goes back to the toilet.....yes, we've retrieved many a Hot Wheel from the toilet as well.

Then there's the bread crumb incident. Mr Destruction got into the pantry, found the container of bread crumbs and proceeded to "feed" the fish/turtles bread crumbs. So after only having the fish/turtles in the new house for 10 days we've cleaned/changed water now 4 times.

Thinking we should introduce our selves to the Principal at the elementary school our children will attend......I have a feeling the first day of Kindergarten for T we'll be getting a call.

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