Thursday, September 13, 2007

Poop, Crap, Kaka, Doody, etc

Why is it no one tells you that at some point in your life after having children you will live and die by the bowel movement. Oh, not yours - but your kid's.

Whether or not my child has pooped can determine my whole mood for the day. See - I have 3 kids who all have had trouble going poo at one time or another, and when they don't go at least once a day they just get in a fowl mood. I'm not shittin'. Yup - pun intended.

To prove my point, K called me at work just to tell me the baby girl finally went dukie after 4 days of nothing. The rest of day at work was just great and I was just in a good mood. I think I felt as much relief as she had! Now the little stinker is back to not poopin' and I'm getting just a little worried.

Ironically if the older two go poopie more than once in a day for at least two days in a row they're on the verge of getting sick. No shit - by day two they've got a nasty cold and bad sinus drainage.

See - life does revolve around least in my house.

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Anonymous said...

Karo syrup works wonders ...or apple juice