Monday, September 24, 2007

No use crying over spilt milk ? ! ?

Definitely a saying a man came up with.....probably after he saw his wife crying over wasted/spilt breast milk.

Men just don't get it do they? They don't understand the effort and time it takes to get a good supply going, then the foods you can no longer consume (caffine, chocolate, anything spicy, etc). Oh, and the constant worry of "do I have enough?" Then there's the sore nipples and breast engorgement, and breast milk leaking every where. As well as remembering to take our vitamins and avoiding medicines when we're sick.

So, yes when you (aka men) waste any drop of breastmilk we will cry and we will yell at you, but understand it's not just breast milk you're wasting but our hardwork and effort. Apparently which only our children understand and appreciate.

For those that care.....K just wasted a 5oz bag of breast milk the other day. I was so mad I told him if his daughter starves it's his fault. Never mind the twenty or so bags of frozen breast milk in the freezer.

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Mayberrys said...

OOOOOOOOH, I so feel your pain!!!!!!