Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Food Allergies & School

S has a Tree Nut allergy.......more specifically to Walnuts (Black and English) and Pecans. So, not only do we avoid food with Tree Nuts but Peanuts as well for the boy. We also spend $110 every fall for his EpiPens, Albuterol inhaler, and Zyrtec....enough for four seperate emergency packs. One for the school nurse, one for mom's house, one for dad's house and one for his back pack which goes with him everywhere.

Now for those who are wondering we didn't know he had an allergy. It took him eating a chocolate chip cookie with a few English Walnuts in them and vomitting immediately for us to figure it out. (BTW - it's the Black Walnuts he'll have the most severe reaction.) This was a year ago........and so far so good.

FYI - the reason for the EpiPens is because up until the allergy was discovered he was on meds for asthma (aka Reactive Airway Disease)....which he has out grown TG......and if he has Black Walnuts most likely it will be an anaphalactic reaction.

S does know to ask if a new food has nuts in it, and I, his grandparents, and dad all know to read the labels carefully. So before you complain about what you can and can't bring to school for your kid's parties.....just think it could be worse.....it could be your kid with the allergy.

FWIW - here's a great article on Food Allergies:

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

It's official.....we bought a house

However, I'm not excited as I should be. You see....there's some strings attached (which I've already made it perfectly clear to K that should his grandparents get too involved in our lives we're making other arraingments). First, K's grandparents are buying the house so they can reinvest the money they received for selling some land. Should mention that we are thne paying them a monthly payment....more than they could rent it for but less than a house payment for us. Second, due to the first we bought in a city we weren't excited about but decided that we could suffer for the 2-3 years it'll take for us to get some equity and buy a house on our own. Third, K's grandparents have reserved the right to come and stay in the spare bedroom as needed. This is the one item I'm not sure about....they spend about 8mos outa the year in Phoenix AZ so hopefully this won't be too bad.

Oh, then to top it off Stephen starts Kindergarten Aug 20th.....we're hoping to be all moved by Labor day. So - not only do I hafta get all of the paper work together for his current school I've gotta get everything together for his new school. Then to top it off we're moving from KS to MO....that's just a whole nuther set of issues: driver's licenses, registering the cars, etc.

And the best is that I start back to work on the 14th of August.....and A won't take a bottle.

Starting to feel like I've lost control over everything........stay tuned to see if I lose my mind next.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

3wks Left

:( I only have 3 weeks left of ML......guess baby A needs to get used to the bottle. Hmm...on the bright side I might ween her off me as her pacifer....doubt it though.

Ugh - Car Repairs

Okay - really shouldn't complain, but still we had to shell out $450 for a new alternator for my '99 Nissan Maxima. More than half of that was for labor as the alternator is on the bottom of the engine, not the top like American cars. However, I still LOVE that car.....even if K and/or my dad can't do all of the repairs when needed.

Anyhoo - luckily I'm on maternity leave and K's grandparents have been borrowing it as it gets better gas mileage than their truck, otherwise we'd have had to play musical cars as well.

Funny thing - K's grandfather thought he'd left the lights on and ran down the battery.....I kept trying to tell K and his grandfather that that wasn't possible as the car was equiped with a sensor that when it sensed a drain on the battery it would shut off whatever was causing the drain. They of course thought I was full of it.....got the last laugh in the end didn't I?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Crying, Crying and more Crying

I don't know who's been crying more: me because she's crying so much and I don't know what's wrong or Baby A.

Seriously folks, I think she has colic. But rather than crying 2-3 hours at a time she cries pretty much anytime from 8am to 5-7pm unless I'm holding and/or nursing her. The gas drops do help, and I have noticed that after she has her 2-4 good daily poops is when she well craps out.

I've given up all Mexican (too spice), all caffine (including my beloved morning cup), most Chinese food (brocoli, etc seem to upset her), and have severly limited my intake of chocolate. These have helped, but she still just gets pissed off for a lack of a better term and the only thing that seems to settle her down eventually is nursing.

Basically I'm the human pacifier again. Not bad at night as A and I sleep together, but during the day it sucks big time. Especially since I had to send the sling I ordered back as it was too big. Trust me the new one in the correct size can not come soon enough.

Then to top it off I think she's going through her 6 week growth spurt early.....at least there I can help and once she does fall asleep (for a good 3-4 hour nap) I can get in 2, sometimes 3 small pumping sessions to help boost supply.

Hope this ends soon.......