Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ugh - Car Repairs

Okay - really shouldn't complain, but still we had to shell out $450 for a new alternator for my '99 Nissan Maxima. More than half of that was for labor as the alternator is on the bottom of the engine, not the top like American cars. However, I still LOVE that car.....even if K and/or my dad can't do all of the repairs when needed.

Anyhoo - luckily I'm on maternity leave and K's grandparents have been borrowing it as it gets better gas mileage than their truck, otherwise we'd have had to play musical cars as well.

Funny thing - K's grandfather thought he'd left the lights on and ran down the battery.....I kept trying to tell K and his grandfather that that wasn't possible as the car was equiped with a sensor that when it sensed a drain on the battery it would shut off whatever was causing the drain. They of course thought I was full of the last laugh in the end didn't I?

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