Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Curious Georgette strikes again!!

Yes, I did have to get her out. Didn't stop her from getting in there 3 more times that night. At least the cake pans were safe for a night.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Gender Differences ? ?

T and Baby A are exactly 2 yrs appart (okay 1yr 355 days to be exact). Noticed lately that T's really into playing/caring for one of the 4 baby dolls we have around the house. T wants to feed them, bathe them, and even change them....but when it comes to carrying them any old way will do. Baby A on the other hand will always wrap her arm around the baby doll's belly (you know, just under the arms), but has no desire for the feeding, bathing and changing.

I've been really wondering if this is a girl vs boy thing or just their personality since Baby A is very observant while T - not so much. Especially since T and A treat the cat the same way. T just picks poor Squeakers up any old way, but Baby A picks him up the same way she does her baby doll.

BTW - did I mention we have a cat? Orange Tom cat named Squeakers - soon to be an it. For now he's an indoor cat.

Sometimes the boy just amazes me

We have this old crappy computer that the older two boys use to play games. (Lately it's Lego StarWars.) Anyhoo - T or Baby A some how removed a few keys from the keyboard and whoever put them back didn't put them back in the correct spaces.

K was all ready to ground the boys from the computer when he saw S taking off the keys and putting them back on. Come to find out he was fixing it. The boy is 7 - and already knows the placing of the keys on the key board. I did a quick check of course and he put them back in the correct spots. Needless to say I was amazed at this ability....and of course he was happy to not get in trouble.

FWIW - I would like to point out that I did have R confirm S's story.....per R "He was fixin' the keyboard".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update of Sorts

Isn't it funny how life seems to get in the way of your life? Anyhoo - here are a few updates.

1. Baby A is 16.5mos old....where the hell did the time go?! She's doing soo much more at this age than any of the boys I sometimes forget how young she really is. She's still on the petite side - but trust me you wouldn't know it the way she wrestles w/the boys. (At some point I'm going to have to stop referring to her as Baby.)

2. T - is a monkey as always. He's going to preschool 4 days a week for 3hrs a day. It's done wonders for his speech and behavior at home and he's only been going a month. Good thing is that he'll be automatically enrolled next year. The year after is still up in the air...not sure he'll be starting K the Fall of 2010 or if we'll wait until Fall 2011. Really depends on if the evals from preschool and our gut feelings tell us if he's ready or not.

3. R - started K at a private school this fall. Due to his birthday and the cut-offs for public he wouldn't be able to attend until next Fall (2009). I definitely think he has the smarts and knowledge to be in K, but his maturity level is severly behind. Luckily the state requires him to go through 1st in private as well before testing for placement in public.

4. S - in 1st grade and will be the big 7 tomorrow. We had a harry start to school - hitting, trouble keeping his hands to himself - but we changed his meds and all seems better now. However, his anal retentiveness about rule following is about to drive us batty - he thinks it's his job to correct everyone rather than just tell on them. Oh well - Parent-Teacher Conferences are this week so we'll find out how he's really doing.

5. K - he's doing good. Still doing the SAHD gig for now. He's hoping this Spring to get a job a couple nights a week. Then again that's if my work schedule will allow for it. Either way he's looking forward to the Fall of 2010 when Baby A is eligible for preschool.

6. Me - well, work has been nuts. Back in March 2008 got a new boss and things aren't going as planned. Apparently regardless of my performance in the past I'm starting over and must prove myself. I'm going to have to start working from home at night after the kids are in bed, and possibly even some weekends. This just totally bites. What I hate the most is that I love what I do, but apparently I haven't earned the trust of the new boss so every move I make is being scrutinized.

Hmmm....that's it - will try and take a picture tomorrow of the birthday boy. Can't believe how big he is...before I know it I'll have a teenager on my hands.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Oreo Moment

Last night in honor of Labor Day weekend we went all out and grilled up some steaks and hot dogs. (Steaks for us, hot dogs for the kids.) While at the store picking up the fixin's for dinner I grabed two things of Oreo's per R's request. I get home and the first thing the kids want are Oreos and milk. I gave them each an Oreo with the understanding that they could have more after dinner.

If you haven't seen a package of Oreos lately they're having this "Oreo Moment" contest where you record your Oreo moment and submit it on Anyhoo - working on dinner, etc I notice the cookie remains of an Oreo cookie on the floor. Come to find out, T - who just turned 3 and hasn't had many Oreo type cookies - just ate the filling. To confirm this I gave all the kids another cookie and low 'n behold T just ate the filling and ignored the cookie part. Asked him to eat it and I repeatedly got told "No, yucky! Trash!". So off to the trash they went.

Thinking T's pretty smart I tell K only to come to the realization that the boy watches way to much TV. (Damn commercials!!)

Saturday, August 30, 2008

So which minority will win?

Even if you don't keep up with politics (and personally I really don't), you'd have to live under a rock in the middle of nowhere to no know that regardless of which side wins - Republicans or Democrats - a minority will win as well.

So - will this come down to a race of do we want a woman VP or a black President? It shall be interesting - especially on how the media will handle this. Just maybe once they will remember what journalism is all about and just report the truth and exercise some common sense before they hand in that piece of shit they call a story to their editor.

Being an Independent I was prepared to vote for Obama. I can't believe all the mistakes McCain has made in his speeches are due to his staff - something just doesn't seem right. And his choice of a "young" candidate for VP seems to prove my point. Banking on the young VP to handle anything should something happen to McCain.

Regardless of who wins I'm just proud of America for having made it this far - not that we still don't have a long way to go - but at least my kids will grow-up in a time where at least one minority made it into the White House.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Toddler's Guide.... (cont.)

Chapter 3: Start Small

Driving your parents insane should be approached very carefully. You should also know that these first few years will set the tone for the relationship you'll have with your parents for the rest of your life. You must go slow otherwise you will not get the desired results. In otherwords start smal. Literally do not take on any task bigger than yourself.

The following are good places to start, espeically for those 0-12mos.

1. Missing milestones. If you're the oldest missing milestones will frustrate and annoy your parents to no end. If you're the 2nd, etc definitely do not follow the same timeline as your older siblings - we gotta keep the 'rents on their toes. Just when they think they have us figured out we need to change the game. A very good example is my family. S (the oldest) started crawling at 10mos, and walked at 11mos. I came along (T) and decided to crawl around 11mos and not walk until 13mos. Then there's Baby A. (She took this to a whole new level.) Crawled at 6-7mos, and was walking at 12mos. So, even though you know you can roll over....hold out. The look on the 'rents face when you finally do is all worth it. Better yet, just forget about crawling and go straight to walking - that'll throw the 'rents for a real loop!!

2. Being different. Yeah, yeah - I know were all different. What I'm referring to is make sure you do just enough stuff like your siblings or so-and-so's kids to keep the 'rents happy, but you still gotta make your own path. I, S and R are not climbers.....but Baby A sure is. In other ways she similiar, but with her being a climber she's not. Remember it's all about keeping your parents on their toes. BTW - Baby A has really out done herself and I would even say has surpassed me in this department.

3. One thing. Pick that one thing that annoys the 'rents more than anything and continuously do it. You like to take your diaper off and run around naked - do it. No matter how many times you're told "no" - do it. Undressing in public your thing - go for it. Screaming because you can - make it loud. Throwing food - do it with meaning. (Okay, must point out don't do this until you've had your full.) What ever it is (and you know what it is) do it repeatedly and give it 110%. Plus you get the added bonus of doing something you've been told not to do!! Come on - be a rebel - you know you wanna!

4. Something unexpected, yet expected. By this I mean do something they wouldn't expect, but when they look back on the 'rents should've known you'd try or do it. Take this example from my own personal accomplishments: take the turtle out of the tank and set it free. Don't say anything, just let the 'rents or siblings discover the disappearance. In this instance the 'rents are repeatedly putting me in time out for playing in the tank, so you'd think they'd realize that eventually I'm going to get brave enough to actually take out a turtle and play with it. Apparently not. You see - 'rents like to give you the benefit of the doubt and think we're smarter than we really are. 'Rents haven't figured out that we probably won't get any common sense until we're well into our twenties....but God love 'em they are optimists which make us opportunists!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Toddler's Guide to Driving Your Parents Insane

Chapter 1: Introduction

Hi, my name is T, and I just turned 3 on June 10th. I have two older 1/2 brothers, S (6.5yo) and R (almost 5yo) and one younger sister, Baby A ( 1yo). My Daddy stays home and watches me and my sister. He does a pretty good job, and this book is written in part because I did have this time at home with dear ol' dad to hone and perfect my techniques. Enjoy the reading and if I've helped one future toddler out there this was all worth it. (And no my sister doesn't count!)

Chapter 2: The Basics

Before one starts to drive the 'rents insane you must learn these few techinques I've picked up for getting out of trouble or at least lessening the punishment.
1. Cry everytime you're told no, spanked, sent to time out, or hand is slapped, etc. Really play this up as it makes the 'rents feel extremly guilty. Sometimes you can get the added bonus of entertaining them which in return they get so happy the forget why they were mad at you in the first place. WARNING: Do not turn this into a temper tantrum or it will back fire and you'll be in more trouble than when you started. Whinning, etc is also not tolerated well by the 'rents.

2. Play up your natural cuteness. Got those gorgeous blue eyes - work 'em baby. Beautiful curly locks - don't let them cut your hair. Heart melting smile - melt away baby! You get the idea - work with what you got 'cause this cuteness only lasts so long. Trust me on this one....I'm on the downside of cute....once you hit 4 it's all over.

3. The big bottom lip. This one is crucial. The more you stick it out the better results you'll get. Seriously here. I thought I had this mastered, but my sister has taken this to new lengths. I now get in trouble for taking back a toy that she originally took from me when that lip comes out. The 'rents get sooo distracted by that thing they forget who did what to whom so it's automatically assumed I was being the bully.

4. Hugs & Kisses. Really do I need to elaborate. The 'rents live for these. Oh, and toss in an "I love you" and you're golden. Oh, and not only do this to the 'rents, but grandparents, aunts/uncles, cousins, and especially siblings!


Next installment coming soon!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

*T has decided that his answer to everything is "no" or "nope". Better yet, we got "I'm gonna kick your butt" the other day. Where does this child come up with this stuff?

*Sibling bickering - it's already started between Baby A and T. I thought I had a few more years, but nope Baby A has decided that whatever someone else has it is hers and she must take it. And she's strong in body and will. Right now the biggest battles are over sippy cups and blankies.

*How to keep your kids outside: tell them that if they come in they'll have to clean. :D Yup, told this to S, R, and T on Sunday when it was a georgeous 80 degrees out. Guess what - they chose to be outside rather than pick-up their toys. Go figure.

*The dog. She's great with the kids, but the chewing has got to STOP! She's ruined approximately $200 in toys, etc around the house. What's worse is that she's now taken to grabing dirty laundry to chew on. K is looking into training for her.

*2 1/2 weeks!!! How much time left of S's summer vacation w/DSSD. Can not wait. However, not looking forward to undoing all the bad habits he acquired there. Good thing is that I've got two weeks before school starts to undo them all.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Summer Sucks

I only say that as S is at DSSD's until the 3rd of August. I do have a week of vacation with him, but choose to take it the week before I get him back hoping that would be enough time (2 weeks before school starts) to undo the bad habits from Daddy's.

Anyhoo - the low point hit last night when T woke up crying and wondering around the house at 3am yelling S's name. I finally got him calmed down and asked him if he misses S - "Yeeass" was the response. At that point I started to cry a little too, but successfully got him back into bed.

Can't believe I have at least 11 more summers of this shit. :(

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

You think you live in the big city until . . .

. . .your dog goes out in your backyard at 5am and beats the crap out of a raccoon. Luckily Lady only has a few scratches, but there's blood all over our back porch and the poor critter is in a corner in our back yard on it's last leg. K is to call Animal Control this morning at 8am. Hopefully they'll be able to come out and do something.

Why can't he just listen to me?

I'll admit I'm not the most technically savey person out there, but I know just enough to be dangerous and get by. Anyhoo - Monday (June 30th) we got in our replacement router for the computer. (The old one had died and Linksys, aka Cisco, replaced it for free. There's a good reason to register your electronics!!) Took me about 30 minutes to hook-up both computers. Played a couple of on-line games and all was well.

Then yesterday K, aka DumbAss, was having problems with the program he uses to talk to other players in one of the games he plays on-line. Rather than listening to me, I told him not to do anything and let me fix something first, he just goes ahead and changes what some guy told him. You guessed it - he disabled the router. Right as I was in the middle of chat with someone at Linksys get answers on fixing our router connection.

Luckily for him after all the problems we had with the last router I knew how to reset it, etc. Did that, unistalled everything on both computers related to the router, and took another 30 minutes to re-hook-up everything. Guess what - the little program that wasn't working properly before works fine now.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Little extra $$

I have a generic e-mail account that was set-up so long ago it's on practically everyone's spam lists. Some of those spam e-mails have been for on-line surveys. I did these a long time ago and got to try out many new products, but once I had S I stopped. Well, I'm back at it again. Most places just give you points that you can redeem for $10-$15 gift cards. Figured what the heck - might get some good products to test and we can always use gift cards.

Actually I've been signing up K to do these while he's at home. I told him he needs to dedicate at least 30 minutes each day completing as many surveys as he can. He's got the free time when the kids are napping so why not.

I'm hoping this weekend to compile a list of all of the websites I've registered at in case anyone is interested.

Why can't he just keep a job?

When DSSD and I divorced I insisted on being the one to carry the health insurance, ect for S. The Judge not only asked me once, but twice if I was sure. See, it's standard for the father to carry the insurance as it will lower the cost of child support. Well considereing DSSD had 4 jobs while we were together to my one you bet I wasn't going to have him carry the insurance. Since the divorce he's had 5 jobs. With the most recent change taking place a couple of weeks ago.

What ticks me off this time is that he didn't even have the balls to tell me he was changing jobs. I get a letter from the courts stating that they'd received noticed he was no longer employed and that he need to contact the them. I get copies of all correspondence from the courts in regards to child support. I call him and he e-mails me his new info which of course I pass along to the courts.

The man is 38 yo - will he ever grow up?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday Party Pics

Well, we survived a double Birthday party on Saturday. Here are a few pics:

T's cake....hopefully you can tell it's a moneky.

Baby A's cake....supposed to be a monkey, but still looks like a bear.

Yup I made 'em, and damn proud of myself.

Here's Baby A getting her cake. She sure wasn't excited about it. That's me handing the cake to her then S and then my niece, H.

Even after mommy ripped the head off, all she wanted was the chocolate icing.....screw the cake part.

And after....need a I say more. However her skin was baby butt soft from all of that butter cream icing!!

Oh, why take a bath when the dog can lick you clean. That's the new mutt. She did amazingly well with all the people considering we've just had her for a week.

After all of this I some how managed not to get a picture of T. I'm really trying to avoid the middle child syndrome, but so far we're sucking at it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check-up Stats

This morning both T and Baby A had their yrly check-ups.

T's in the 80% for height, and the 55% for weight. Besides being an embarassingly horrible patient all is good. Just need to get on the Potty Training train.....which we keep procrastinating about.

Baby A's in the 65% for height, and the 25% for weight. She's such a little peanut. All the boys were well over 20lbs by their 1st birthday, but nope not her. She just had to be different. We're close, but she still has to face backwards until she's over 20lbs. She's 19lbs 8.5oz...little under 1/2 a pound to go. Only bad thing was she got 3 shots and she's got an ear infection. Kinda wondered yesterday if she might have one now that her cold seems to be getting better, but her walking is a little off.

Monday, June 09, 2008

WTF - Where'd the last year go?!?!?

Seriously here....what happened to the last 12mos!?!?!

Baby A - well, is no longer a baby. She's 1yo and walking every where, including right into Toddlerhood. Tired of baby food and ready for the big girl food. Ironically she's only got 6 teeth - 4 on top, 2 on bottom. She's still a petite little thing....but with 3 older brother's she's learning to hold her own.

T - well, he's 3 tomorrow. Definant as ever - especially when it comes to potty training. Yes, the boy is 3 and we've yet to start. His curls are starting to grow back after his disasturous haircut back in Jan/Feb. And the imagination that boy has is going to get him sent to the Principal's office more than I care to admit. Seriously, he made a tower of bricks and called it a his chicken. FOR 3 DAYS!!!

2 more months until R is 5, 2 more after that and S is 7. Then it's the holidays. And the birthday rounds start all over again in March with mine.

As soon as I figure out how to speed up time at work and slow it down at home I'll pass the secret along. Until then I think I'll stop complaining about the occasional sleepless night and just cuddle with my babies before they're "too old".

Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh where oh where has my little dog gone?

Well, she's coming to our house. K's dad found a stray and took her in, but he already has 2 dogs and his place isn't big enough for another dog. So, he took her to the local animal shelter. They don't have the room to keep her so after 2 weeks of not being adopted they were going to put her down. FIL had the foresight to tell them to call him should it come to that and he'd foster her until she could be adopted - and we're the suckers.

We're going tonight to pick-up a few things at PetCo, and then head down early Saturday to go pick her up. Luckily we only have Baby A and T this weekend so we can gradually get her accustomed to all of the kids. Still nervous about how she'll do next Saturday at Baby A's and T's birthday party. I'm thinking if all else fails we can crate her for a while in the garage. I hate to do this, but until we really know her temperment I think it's best.

I'll make sure to take our camera....but when you all will see photo's who knows? I so suck at remembering to download photos!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Public Transportation Etiquette

Since moving to the burbs of the big city I started riding the bus to work. It's nice. The park 'n ride is a mile from my house, and the bus only takes about 5-7 minutes longer than had I drove the commute myself.

When I first started riding in Sept. 2007 all 3 bus times on my route always had enough seats so that everyone could sit down. However, with the soaring gas prices the number of riders has at least doubled. Not only the buses home, but the ones into work do we have people standing.

Were am I going with this you might ask?? Etiquette on the bus. Most mornings and afternoons you will always find a few gentlemen willing to give up their seat to the ladies. What I've noticed is that most of these gentlemen are over 35. Hardly ever does a younger man give up his seat. At first I thought this rude and disrespectful. Now I've settled on how sad it is that his mother nor father never took the time to teach him about respecting others. What makes this even sadder is that there's a whole generation of them.

I've always vowed to raise my son's to be good husbands, but now I realize my mission has changed: I want them to be good human beings.

Note: I've never seen anyone ask someone else to give up their seat....these men do it out of the kindness of their hearts and I always thank them profussly.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

He's gone

Just got home from the exchange of S to his dad. I won't see him again until next Friday, June 13th. This is the longest he's been away from me and so far so good. It was weird this morning not having that 3rd child to check on before I head out the door to work.

Honestly hope he's okay at DSSD's for the summer. I don't think S realizes how much he'll be away from me, and I'm not sure DSSD is up for the task of being a full-time father.

Only time will tell.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just another Poopie Memorial Day

Overall Memorial weekend was pretty good. Saturday meet DSSD around 10am to exchange S, and then K, T, A and I ran a few errands. After naps it was a pretty low key night.

Sunday was pretty busy - mowing the yard and putting up the fence. Nothing too exciting.

Then came Monday. Poopie Monday. T was up around 7:30am and after all the manual labor on Sunday K and I slept in a little while he played. Big mistake. Around 8:15 T comes in "I poopie" and boy was he! He'd tried to take off his poopie diaper, but ended up ripping it so the diaper part was hanging between his legs (poop exposed) and the top part still wrapped around his waist securely. Talk about an immeidate wake up call. K and I hop out of bed....I grab T and put him in the tub, while K wanders around looking for poop stains.

We spent most of the morning sanitizing things and general clean-up. Around 12:30-1pm we put Baby A down for her nap. By 1:45 she still wasn't asleep so I go into her room to get her. Lo-n-behold she'd gone poop and managed to rip her diaper completely off. She was covered in poop along with her crib and mattress. Once again - I bath the kid and K does clean up. Of course we had to then sanitize her room and crib.

I swear if they get some funky virus from "accidentially" eating poop I'm going to scream. I just now got caught up laundry from that damn virus a few weeks ago. Plus a call from the Health Dept is always fun - NOT!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Poor little naive white girl

Yup, that's me. Even though I lived in a college town in the mid-west growing up I really didn't see much racism, etc. (Probably didn't help that the school I actually attended from K-12 was in a small town of 3,500 people.)

Moving to the 'burbs of Kansas City has been a definite eye opener. I absolutely only goto the closest Wal-Mart because there's so much racism on both sides of the fence from the employees and customers.

Then there's my new co-worker, H. Single mother of two, has a college degree, just bought her first house, and is catching onto her new job quiet quickly. She's been the one to really open my eyes about the stuff that goes on....especially here at work. You see, she's African American. And I use the term African American as that is what she prefers to be called. And yes, I did ask her.

Her youngest son just turned 2, and the party was this last Sunday. We were invited. I knew we were going to be the only "whites" there, and K even asked if I was sure I wanted to go knowing this. Yes, it was a little akward at first, but after the kids warmed up and started playing and we started chatting with everyone we fit right in. However, I'm dying to ask H what everyone thought. She took a vacation day today...rightfully so after all those people at her house yesterday afternoon.

Even though I am the Naive White girl....I think in the end it's going to be a good thing. I just might need a little more education from H, but yes in the end it will be a good thing.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Confessions of an "Evil" mother

Before having children I thought parents that "tricked" their kids into doing/eating things were just wrong, mean and yes, EVIL. Aaaaah - little did I know that this is the most magic and secret of all weapons we as parents posses. Below are just a few of the things I've done:

* I've been telling S for over 2 years now that there is medicine in his water to help him sleep. Sorry dude - it's just water! Helps that I always have him brushing teeth or heading up to bed an I follow with his water bottle so he doesn't see me put in his "medicine".

* Playing up S's competitve nature I tell him he needs lots of sleep so he can have energy the next day so that when he's playing he can win. Hey - it gets him to stop the chatter and procrastination before bedtime.

* Got the kids to eat Sweet 'n Sour Chicken and Quesadilla's by telling them they were Chinese Chicken Nuggets with Chinese BBQ sauce and Mexican Grilled Cheese. :)

* CornDogs started out being called "Hot Dog on Stick"

* All my kids think Turkey is Chicken at the Holidays.

* S is under the belief that the earlier he goes to bed and the faster he falls asleep on nights the Tooth Fairy is to visit the more $$$ he'll get. Okay, I didn't come up with this - he did, but you bet your sweet ass I'm encouraging it.

* My kids think that the car can not go into Drive or Reverse unless they are all buckled up.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The sweetest smile

When I got home from work Tuesday I entered the house to sounds of "mommy, mommy" from the boys and Baby A's high pitched squeals. After I get all of my hugs and kissies I notice S's smile. It's hard not to as big as he was grinning - so proud of himself. He had lost his 2nd top front tooth. Grand total lost s 4 now.

He'd lost the first one about a week to 2 weeks ago. He was so adament about pulling it out I stayed up with him and helped him. Knowing if I didn't he'd stay awake until he pulled it out and would then come get me to "call" the tooth fairy. Well, the same with tooth #2. Monday night I had to convince him to leave it alone and go to bed, but I would help him on Tuesday pull it out. The little stinker couldn't wait that long and played with it enough Tuesday morning at school that before lunch he'd pulled it out.

What surprised me is that when I look at him and when he smiles I see this child-like innocence / joy that wasn't there before. Or it's always been there and I've never noticed. Secondly, I was really surprised at how absolutely adorabaly cute he looks. I've never thought kids with both top teeth missing were all that "cute".

If I can get off my duff tonight I'll see if I can get the boy to pose for a few pictures.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random Thoughts

Things running through my head this morning in no particular order:

* A co-worker who recently lost her 6 wk old son is back at work today. I want to reach out, but not sure how.

* WTF - last week I puke my guts out and now AF shows up. Seriously - WTF! (She's a week early the bitch!!!!)

* Don't know why this annoys me, but why can't the man just tell me when we're out of stuff - why do I have to find out the hard way. We're out of Q-tips, which I use every morning to get the water out of my ears. I know it's something little, but he does this ALL the f-ing time!

* Holly Cow! Can gas prices go higher? Well, yes they can....but WOW. I was kinda mad we moved 3 years earlier than planned, but now it's beginning to look like a good thing. Especially with only driving on average 100 miles a week for work, etc rather than the 600-700 we were doing.

* Beginning to hate my job. I think it's because I feel I have no control. Hopefully will be able to meet with New Boss this week for a 1-on-1 and get a handle/feel for what the Hell is going on around here. I hate being kept out of the loop when it involves my job and duties.

* My husband is truly wonderful. He not only took care of two sick kids ALL last week, but he took care of me as well.

Monday, May 12, 2008


There I've said it. I can't believe I'm this fat. The last time I weighed this much I was 8 mos pregnant with Baby A. It's amazing how a store's dressing room mirrors can make you look so fat.

So, this week we're back on the diabetic diet. Helps that I've barely eaten anything the last few days. Unfortunately I haven't lost any weight. Starting with Memorial Weekend (yes, that Saturday) I'm going to get up early and go walking either outside or on the treadmill.

So - today here's my stat: 235lbs

Let's see how long it takes me to get to 175lbs. Would love to be around 150-155lbs, but we all gotta start somewhere.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Why won't it die?!?!?

Seriously, what ever this virus is that hit Sunday night it can die a very fast death. Not only did I go home sick from work on Wednesday, but K got sick Wed night and then S. Great - we've all had it you can leave now!! The only one spared has been R - and I think that's 'cause he went back to Mommy's on Monday night.

But NOOOOOO - it wants to hang around and make T and Baby A's life hell. Not only do we get the occassionally puking, but we're getting the constant liquid poo. Yes - liquid poo.

We're washing everything with bleach, and have sprayed every possible item those two do and could touch with not only Lysol, but that new Clorox stuff as well. By the end of this weekend our house will be cleaner than a hospital and you'll be able to eat off the floors!!!!

Unfortunately we have a room full of laundry to put a way. Should be a fun Mother's day - everyone folding and putting away laundry.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm not old enough to be left alone

No, this isn't about S, it's about me. You see, New Boss is paranoid about my job, etc and has absolutely no earthly idea what I do and how long it takes. She understands the basics, but the intimate details are lost to her. So, to put her mind at ease I sent her an e-mail last Friday telling her the game plan me and my new co-worker came up with. It did envolve us staying late 3 nights this week. And by late I mean to at least 7pm.

Anyhoo - Baby A was sick all night Sunday so I came in late Monday. Then T was sick all night Monday so I came in late Tuesday. BUT I did stay late with my co-worker.....and so did our boss. She has never stayed later than 5:30 since March why last night?

Yes, it could've been conincidence - but considering some people making comments like "ah, see you found your way here", etc it really makes me wonder. Plus it pisses me off - especially since I have always worked way more than 40 hours a week.

So can not wait for my 1-on-1 meeting with New Boss.......that's been rescheduled 3 times now.

Monday, May 05, 2008


I have a feeling that's what my new name will be around work. Never mind that I told my old boss when I was 10wks pregnant that I was pregnant, and would really like someone to train now and have them for at least 3 months when I got back from maternity leave (ML). Oh, and let's not forget all the crazy ass hours I worked before having Baby A, and all the long hours I put in now that I'm back to work.

No one, and I mean NO ONE understands exactly what I do. My old boss got a nice eye opening when I was on ML, and my new co-worker is starting to realize how much manual crap we do. Yet the fact remains - I'm still behind on my current plans that need to be paid, the 2 new ones I got recently, and the testing of the new system that is to be in place by June 13th.

There are only so many hours in the day and I have a family damnit. If anyone should be to blame it's management for not getting me help back in Nov 2006 when I said I needed it. NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!! Seriuosly folks, I had to practically re-create all the work that was done while on ML as well as keep up the current work and take on 3 (now 4) new plans/projects.

Everyone is doing the finger pointing thing and it's all in my direction. Well, you know what? My finger points as well and I just might have to point out everything that's been wrong with this project from the beginning. I'm tired of trying to keep people out of trouble....especially the ones that are pointing the fingers at me.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Stupid people piss me off

And I'm not talking run of the mill stupid people. I'm talking MIS / Computer Geek stupid people. Basically we have one system we log into to then log into another system. The Geeks in their infinite wisdome decided we only need to log in once. No problem, great idea and it works great......except - the Geeks decided they knew who used the system and would notify everyone rather than sending out a broadcast e-mail to all employees. You do see where I'm going with this don't you????

You guessed it - I and my new co-worker did not get notified. Oh, and then when I politely ask to be kept appraised of any future updates I got a snotty comment like 'you should ask to be included on one the of the in house distribution lists'., I think not - don't need more e-mails I get to shit can.

Oh, and the kicker is that due to this combination of log-ins I can't access everything I need. Greeeaaat. NOT! Try explaining to 100+ officers why I can't process their incentive compensation.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

What an ASS

During our last custody hearing DSSD (Dip Shit Sperm Donor) and his lawyer kept harping on the distance between our houses, etc. (Approx 55 miles) Wanted to know if I'd be willing to bring Stephen to DSSD's house, etc for extracurricular activities that S may participate in over the summer. Of course I will - I will attend all his activities.

Even though my lawyer got DSSD to testify he'd do the same he hasn't held up his side of the bargin. The first weekend that DSSD didn't have S during soccer season he couldn't make it due to a prior commitment to his wife's work - bowling. Now this next weekend that he doesn't have him he can't make it again 'cause they're having a garage sale. WTF?!?!?

Then the kicker to all of this is that S had a little program on April 15th at 7pm. Plenty of time for DSSD to get here. Nope couldn't make it - work obligations. Never mind I gave him plenty of notice (4 weeks) for the program and he knew when I signed S up for Soccer that all the games where on Saturday mornings.

Seriously - if I pulled that crap he'd be hauling my ass back into court for neglect and asking for full custody. However, if I tried that I'd look like a vengeful bitch. In a way I'm happy he doesn't show up, but I absolutely hate to see the disappointment on S's face. I do get my revenge - I make DSSD tell S exactly why he can't make it rather than me being the bearer of bad news. I of course go back and pick up the pieces of S's broken heart.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Little Nudist

When T was just first entering the toddler stage he barely uttered a word, but damned if he couldn't take off all of his clothes. Well, except his diaper - but he did figure out that one eventually. Even now at almost 3 years old he prefers to be naked to clothed. If there was a nudist colony for toddlers he'd be their leader and inspiration.

Where am I going with this you may ask?? Just the latest in a long line of T moments. We recently bought all 3 boys bike helmets that came with knee and elbow pads. This is the first time T has had his own helmet, etc and is pretty adament about wearing all the parts most of the day. Monday night was no exception.....well, except that he was naked. No clothes, not even a sock nor a diaper on his body. All he had on was the elbow and knee pads and the helmet. Of course he thought he looked like hot shit, and to be honest I was dying to take a photo but being arrested for child pornography is not on my "to do" list before I die.

Yes, this cute little boy is going to cause us major headaches as he gets older, but at least there's never a dull moment when he's around.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We've all uttered those words at one time or another to our parents......most likely our mothers. I myself have been on the receiving end of that phrase more than once. Yet I'm not really bothered by it.

Seriously - I'm not. I've been trying to figure out why that is, then it hit me - there's something much worse that S can say to me than "I hate you". It's something along the lines of: "I want to go live with Daddy".

That's my ultimate fear - "Fun Daddy" winning. I know it's not a competition, but throughout this whole divorce/custody thing I feel like I'm being punished for being the responsible adult and parent in the whole ordeal.

As the end of school approaches the more I'm reminded that S will be spending all summer with "Fun Daddy". Yeah I'll get to see him every other weekend - but what happens when he's back with me full time in the Fall? What bad behavior are we going to have to un-do? How many times will I hear "I hate it here, I want to stay with Daddy"? And will my heart ever mend after he utters those words?

K would tell me I'm getting myself worked up over nothing and he's right. Why worry about it now when I can't do anything about it until it's all said and done? But I do worry because I'm a mother and it's what we do best besides unconditionally love our children.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My Ass hurts and I can't take it anymore!!!

Okay, this is NOT a post about hemorrhoids. Rather its a post about my on going saga with my broken tailbone. Around March 2004 after many months of such severe pain I could barely stand after sitting I was told I had a broken tailbone. No, I had not had any trauma to this was decided that it must have been broken during childbirth on October 20, 2001. And w/o proper treatment it just got worse.

I tried the physical therapy. I've had an MRI. Multiple x-rays. Did one or two pain shots. Which did help, but I never went back every 3-4 weeks like I was supposed to. But damn pregnancy kept getting in the way. Oh, and it didn't help that in November 2005 I reinjured it by falling down the stairs, Ass first.

Well I've finally had enough. I've had two pain shots in the last 3 weeks, and my first appointment with a chiropractor. I don't think one by itself will be the cure, but I'm hoping the combination will finally get me some relief from this chronic pain.

I don't think I'm asking too much. . . . . . . . . all I want is to be able to play with my kids without having to stop due to the pain.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gardasil, HPV and Cervical Cancer

First off let me say that I'm very thrilled Gardasil ( is now available. Having gone through an abnormal Pap Smear myself and all the fun that followed it's comforting to know that when Baby A is around 10 she can get vaccinated.

However, here's my complaint. Why is this only being offered to girls/gals/woman/females?? Seriously here shouldn't we offer this vaccine to our sons, etc?? Seriously think about it.

I have HPV. Who did I get it from you might wonder. . . . . .


I doubt the HPV virus causes such severe problems in males like the cerviacal cancer it can in females, but wouldn't vaccinating everyone be the wisest choice? Not only help stop females from contracting this potentially harmful and fatal virus, but stop the damn thing from spreading.

Just my $ .02 for the day.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I'm 252 years old :)

Playing around on Blogger I thought I'd check out my own profile. Low and behold I'm 252 years old!!

I think I look damn good for my age!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Apparently I over-react

Okay, what ever honey. Last night while K and S were off at soccer practice I stayed home with T and A. Get your mind outa the gutter!!!! While I'm working on dinner, feeding T and A, changin' poopie diapers I notice a can of food on the floor with barely a label. Pick it up and determine it's a can of Cream of Mushroom soup....Campbell's to be specific with at pop-top lid. Then it happened. I noticed the ring to pop the top was gone (and the can was partially open).

I searched as best I could while trying to get K on the phone. I tried to calmly ask him who was playing with the can and he told me "T was playing with it and I tried to remove as much as the label as I could should Sissy play with it". I then asked where the ring was for the pop-top. He didn't know it was missing. Then accused me of over-reacting and it was no big deal....blah, blah, blah.

So after listening to him yell at me how I over-react and that I should just load up the kids and rush them to the ER we finally found the ring. Luckily I had enough forsight to grab another can and ask T where the ring was - 'cause S spoke up and pointed towards the back door. T had shoved the ring under the screen door.

Let's just say after that I went to the bathroom and cried. All the horrible things running through my head and anger at K for doing something so stupid as to let a 2.5yo play with something like that with an infant crawling around I just had to let it all out. Somedays I really do think it would be cheaper to just put the kids back in daycare 'cause the stress that man causes is expensive.

Friday, April 11, 2008

"So, when will she get her penis?"

Ah....yes, that was the question asked by S the other day while we discussing the differences between boys and girls - more specially the differences between him and Baby A. Apparently as many times as he's seen me walk around naked he either didn't notice I didn't have a penis or hadn't made the connection that Mommy is in deed a girl.

I am proud to say I kept a straight face while answering the boy's questions and got him straight on the difference between boys and girls. Boys have a penis and girls have a vagina.

I'm probably going to have this talk 2 more times with in the next couple of years for R and T's benefit. Hopefully they'll just catch on - if not I'm prepared.

However, when relaying the whole conversation to K we both were laughing pretty hard. Gotta love the naivety and innocence of the boy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Product Review - Eucerin Redness Relief Kit

During my last pregnancy my skin and hair just went to crap. I was hoping that once I weaned Baby A (around Nov-Dec 2007) that my skin would start to improve, etc. Nope - actually I think it got worse. It was horribly dry, but no amount of moisturizer seemed to help. I felt like I had greasy flaky skin. Especially on my forehead between my eye brows, on my nose and cheeks. Oh, and it was red! If you care I did occasionally use good ol' Noxema but to no avail.

Anyhoo - last week while wandering through CVS Pharmacy I ran across their clearance stuff and they had the Eucerin Redness Relief Kit for $3.75. Hmmm....picked it up and thought what the hell might as well give it a try.

I've been using it for a week and I can tell a difference in my skin already. The dry flaky patches are gone. Still red, but it says it takes up to 4 weeks. Oh, and the best part is that this little kit should last me about 2 weeks so of course I went back to CVS and bought the last one.

Needless to say I'm very impressed (as I always am with Eucerin products) and will definitely be buying the larger sizes once my kits have been depleted. Actually I'm trying to convice K he could benefit from the cleanser and moisturizer as well - but that's just not manly.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


For those of you living in a cave or if you don't follow college hoops the University of Kansas men's basketball team won the 2008 NCAA National Championship Monday night (April 7th) against the Memphis Tigers.

Check out the following sites for more info:

Friday, April 04, 2008

S O C C E R ! ! !

Okay, S and R are playing soccer this spring. Since K got drafted to coach we had them put on the same team. (Unfortunately this will be the only year we can do this :( ) Anyhoo - here are some pictures one of the other mom's sent me. So far none of R, but plenty of S and K.
S is the little white boy in the blue shirt. Or to be politically correct: he's the third from the left in the blue shirt.

Here's the big man himself K with some of the other players on the team. They didn't have enough volunteer refs so he and the other coach referred as well as coached. Good think in the Kindergarten (actually the 4yo-K) they don't keep score!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Think I need some professional help . . .

. . .either that or that bitch Aunt Flo is headed to town. Ever since hearing about my co-worker losing her 6wk old son I can't seem to focus on my life - this includes work as well as personal. All I really want to do is go home and just play with my kids. It doesn't help that when I do talk to my kids and/or play with them I can't help but tear up....hell, every night since Monday I've cried as I rock Baby A to sleep.

What's bad is that I haven't worn make-up to work in 2 days and I honestly don't care. Then the lack of attention I've been giving K doesn't help either. Okay, I did make it up to him last night around 1am. hehehehe

I'm think I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Things are going pretty good right now....but I know it won't last. Thinking I might need to take a mental health day in the near future and just go do something fun for me.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Put it all into perspective

This last weekend as we ran around to soccer games, grocery store, doing laundry, visiting my parents, and all the regular chaos little did I know how much I take for granted about my life. Especially when you get into work this morning and are informed that a co-workers 6wk old son died this weekend. Don't know the cause or anything.

I can't put into words how much my heart aches for her.......and all of the other mothers who've lost a child. I can tell you though that I did cuddle with Baby A a little longer than needed when putting her to bed, read more books to S than I needed to, and gave into "more movie" from T. Never mind the outrageous amounts of hugs and kissies given and received.

Seriously here - with all of the problems we've faced they seem so petty and trivial compared to the loss of a child. So - when you think your life sucks and there's no way out, remember to count your blessings....especially those cute little babies asleep in their beds.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"The Train is Big" by S

Before Christmas break S started to complain that he was bored in school. I thought nothing of it until after break was over and shortly after he was back in school started once again with the "I'm bored". Talked with his teacher and she agreed to give him some "special" projects to work on. This was his first. I'm very proud and I hope you enjoy S reading his book.

Hint: turn the volumn down....S is quiet loud when reading this.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Some of my favorite pics

T - what can I say....he loves his blankies now, just like he did back then.

Baby A - unfortunately Daddy's have gotten cuter as you've gotten older. You were such a homely looking little infant - but look at you now!!!

Bye-Bye Toddler - Hello Little Boy

We've been trying for 3 months to get T's haircut. Everytime we went he'd throw a fit. So, a week or so ago we just took the plunge and had the stylist just buzz it off (she used a #3 guard that left about an inch). Talk about drastically changing his appearance. His hair is still curly, but without those long locks he looks so much older than 2 1/2 yrs old. Unfortunately he's got little scragglies all over the place that need to be trimmed.....just not sure how we're going to do it though.

On a side note: we had this done with S and R were at their other parents house. When S got home on the first thing he said is "Mommy, Tyler looks so handsome. He's a big boy now." First, WTH - where did my 6yo go? Secondly, aaaaaahhhhhh - that was soo sweet. S really is a good big brother.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sign you need a new toothbrush. . . .

. . . .is when your toothbrush falls into the unflushed toilet. Can I just say "eeeeeeeewwwwwww". And yes I did dig it out - luckily or not before I hoped into the shower.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jumping on the Potty Training Train

About a month ago we finally got the T-man into his toddler bed and out of the crib. Now we're venturing into Potty Training (HELL). Call me a bad mom or whatever, but this is one area where I really wish he was in daycare....let them deal with him and Potty Training.

Yeah, yeah....I know we need to start introducing the idea into his cute little head. But dang it...if the boy is already ripping diapers off and peeing on the floor, etc it can only get worse once he's in training pants.

So K and I devised a plan of action. For the remainder of the month of March we're going to sit him on the potty every morning during diaper change, and everynight before diaper change. We're hoping this way he'll get used to the potty seat/toilet so the first weekend in April we can just go gung-ho with the training.

So wish us luck, say a little prayer, cross your fingers this works. Especially since I'm tired of paying for diapers for two.

Confirmation I'm old

Went to my parent's a few weeks back to have my birthday dinner. My mom informs me "I've never felt old when you kids have birthdays....until now. I can't believe I have an almost 40 yo daughter."

Gee thanks....I know I'm on the downside of my 30's....but I didn't need you saying it outloud.

Monday, March 10, 2008

She STANDS . . . .and the audience goes wild!

She = Baby A

Audience = me, K, and all 3 boys

Little over a week ago I caught Baby A trying to pull herslef up.....then this last weekend viola! She now must pull her self up on everything.

Okay, I'm going to take a moment to freak out a bit....she's 9mos old....yes, 9mos old and pulling herself up and more than willing to have you let go. The boys didn't start walking until at least a year......oye - thought we had more time.

Best Birthday Present Ever!!!

Well - only really applies to when you have an infant/toddler who isn't quiet sleeping through the night. For my 36th b-day Little Miss A slept through the whole night. However that was short lived as the next night she was up every 2-3 hrs, but hey I'll take what I can get.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Flat Tire from H-E-L-L

Every other Sunday at 6pm I meet DSSD at a McDonald's about mid-way between our respective houses. This particular Sunday I decided to hit Super Wally World which is right next door to our exchange McD's and grab a few things. Wanted to do it before with only 2 kids rather than after with 3 - plus I wanted to get home at a decent time.

Anyhoo - the exchange goes fine - you know, me asking all the questions and DSSD answering...never once volunteering anything. Got S loaded, ran around to wait in line at the drive through, got our food, and hit the interstate. All was good for about 5 minutes......then it happened................POP! And immediately the front passenger tire went flat. Luckily there really wasn't anyone around I crossed traffic and pulled to the shoulder.

Here's where the fun began. Since we're down to one car K had no way to rescue us so I called my dad (he lives about 30 mins away from the exchange point). One advanted to being Daddy's Little Girl after all these years....he came to the rescue no questions asked.

So rather than bore you with witty comments here's just an outline of all the crap that happened:
1. You'd gone shopping before picking up S and your front passanger seat was loaded with groceries. Luckily you only really bought frozen meals and cheese sticks that might get ruined.
2. You had all the kids with you and they were hungry and tired.
3. DH (that D stands for Dumb or Dumbass) decided to leave all his RC Car crap in the back - you know to make it more difficult to get to the spare tire.
4. You have no idea if you have a spare tire and if it's good
5. You're down to one vehicle as you've sold the other two to pay off bills, etc and haven't gotten a cheap replacement - this means DH can't come help.
6. Call father to come help - guess what he gets 1/2 way to where you're at....yup a flat tire.
7. You get to entertain your kids in the car for 1.5 hrs
8. Oh, and when your dad finally does arrive to help so does the rain
9. Almost forgot to mention - I was on I-35....not a back road but the friggin interstate
10. Lastly, not only did Addison's diaper leak, but so did Tyler's. Luckily I had a change of clothes for Addison, but poor Tyler wasn't so lucky.
11. And what I found most surprising not a cop, nor driver stopped to ask if I needed help

The only positive to this all was that I had picked up food for Baby A at the store, and I'd picked up happy meals for the boys and myself. It took us almost 45 min to get home driving at 45mph with my flashers on. Yes, I really pissed off the other drivers - but when you're driving on a donut and there's a wind advisory can you really blame me?

Oh, and we had to replace the tire. ($75 for just one....figure that should last another 12mos and we'll just replace all 4 tires.)

SO - there you go.......anything that could go wrong just about did. I'm just very thankful the car gods deceided to at least bless me with a spare that not only was in good shape but had air.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Snickerdoodle Snob

Yup - that's me. What is a Snickerdoodle Snob you ask?? We'll for me I won't eat nor buy just any snickerdoodle. You see a snickerdoodle is more than just a sugar cookie rolled in a cinnamon and sugar mixture and baked to perfection. It's all about the Cream of Tartar. (And if you want to know more about cream of tartar than you want please check out: Actually the recipe as a whole is different.

Cream of Tartar - yes, any snickerdoodle made with this magic substance is worth my consideration and the $$ to purchase such a treat. Of course unless the ingredients are listed I don't even waste my time. However, the coffee shop next door to work has the most tempting version yet. I asked - and low and behold all that is mighty they make 'em themselves and yes they use Cream of Tartar!! You see the owner is a snickerdoodle snob as well!!! You bet your sweet bippy I bought myself one and slowly enjoyed every last morsel with a great cup o' joe.

However, I must resist....otherwise any weight I've lost will be gained very quickly from eating one of those delicious little morsels.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Skid Marks......on our stairs

Yup......we had skid marks on our stairs the other day. Took us a while to figure out what those repeating black streaks were down the stairs....that was until I smelled the boy. Yup, you guessed it T-man was wondering around in only a diaper and loves to butt scoot down the stairs from the Big Boy's room. Apparently he was due for a change as the poo was overflowin'.

The best part is while we're trying to figure if one of the boys had tracked in mud on their shoe. S gets down, smells it and proclaims "Yup, smells like poop."

Oh, and if anyone cares resolve carpet cleaner spray does get out toddler poop stains out of a light brown carpet.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Potted Critters

While searching the web for a cool picture to use as an avatar I ran across these:

This is your full size Canned Beaver......

And when you're not in the mood for something that large, here's the mini Canned Beaver.

Yes, I'm going there.....can't resist. Every man wants a little canned Beaver he can save for a rainy day.....or a dry spell.

In all seriousness though I'm thinking about using this as my avatar:

It would definitely be funnier if it was "CANNED COON".

Thursday, January 24, 2008

"That's a lot of cake"

For some reason the other day S started talking about how he's had 6 birthdays and "Mommy, that's a lot of cake." I proceeded to inform him that his Dad's birthday was in a few weeks and that Daddy would be 38. His response "Wow, that's a lot more cake than 6."

Of course he then wanted to know how old everyone else was in our extended family. He was very impressed that Gma Sue and Poppy were 63, and that Momo Molly is 65. Of course he kept saying "I can't wait to have that much cake".

At least he's put it all in perspective.....birthday's aren't about's all about the cake!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Week 2 - Let's just not go there

Seriously....week 2 sucked. My tempermental scale didn't help. However, this week we're back on track....sorta....but now that the Reese's Peanut Butter Heart is gone I should be able to stay on track.

FWIW - did buy a new scale. Had to find one that could weigh us both....K will probably kill me for telling everyone this, but our current scale didn't weigh high enough to register his weight. He did weigh himself yesterday on the new scale.....he just won't tell me what the figure was. It's alright for him to know how much I weigh apparently.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Scale vs ME

Okay - my scale will be receiving it's walking papers when I get home tonight. Wed morning I weighed myself....scale said I'd gained 2.5lbs. Thursday morning I weigh myself and I'd miracously lost 4lbs from Wednesday. Now this morning I've gained 2lbs. Not only that, it's trying to weigh thin air. It's a digital read-out and it just starts acting like it's trying to weigh something.

So while we're at Wal-Mart Saturday getting Baby A's picture taken I'll be picking up a new scale....preferably one that knows I'm the boss....not it. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Week 1 Stats

Well - should have posted this yesterday, but I forgot and I finally had some pictures to post. SO, as of Monday, Jan 14th I've lost 5 lbs!! Wish I could keep that up through April 7th!! Talk about being ready for bikini season!! Not that I'd ever wear one......the only person who has the privilage of seeing my stretch marks is K!!

K and I are both trying Relacore - so I'll let you all know how that goes as well.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Pictures, Pictures....and more Pictures!!!

Saving this for future reference.....gotta know when T decides he wants to become a stoner like his old man.

Can't help it......mind is in the gutter, but they sure are cute. R on the left and S on the right.

Baby A on X-mas day...looking cute as ever.....yes, she's on the verge of crawling.

Has to be my favorite pic of X-mas day.....Baby A and Big Brother T. They look sooo much sweeter than they are don't they?

Baby A's Halloween costume.....she wasn't thrilled about it, but hey it was warm.

Isn't she just precious?!?!? Taken back in August when she was only 3 mos old.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Well - all that weight I lost while pregnant with the baby girl has mysteriously reappeared. Seriously I have NO idea how that weight found it's way back onto my body!! LOL So this last Monday (Jan 7, 2008) I officially started back on my diabetic diet.

So far I've lost 4 lbs.....I know water weight, but hey I lost 4 lbs. :) The best part is that last night I slept really good. I did get up with the baby girl around 3:30am, but I still woke up feeling more refreshed than I have in a long time. Okay, I'll admit I'm still a little tired, but this week I've made it into work by 7am each day which is huge since the last month or so it's been hit or miss.

The added bonus is that even though I'm stressed about work and crap that needs to be done at home I now feel like I have the drive and energy to get it done. Which means that this weekend I'm going to put away all the laundry that has been sitting in baskets for the last month. Guess I'll hafta post on Monday to let you know whether or not I gave K a heart attack.

On a side note a department at work I help support has a contest aptly named "The Fat Off". For a $10 entry fee you have 3 months to lose as much weight as you can. Who ever loses the biggest percentage of weight wins the pot. This year we're looking at about $100 for the Women's winner with a $50 bonus for the overall winner. Hmmm.....sounds like I'll be flying up to Chicago after April 7th to visit my cousin for a few days and still have some $$ left over!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My new job: Tooth Fairy

S finally lost his first tooth on Dec 26th. He comes to me all excited "Mommy my tooth is loose!!!" Not 5 minutes later "Mommy it fell out!!!!!" We grabed a cup to hold said precious tooth in and proceeded with our day. That night I quietly crept into S's room.....took the tooth and left him 5 $1 Gold coins. Of course I slept in the next day (who cares if I needed to get up and get to work) just so I could see and hear his excitement.

Unfortunately we're still waiting on tooth #2 to loosen tooth is already poking through. Taking the boy to the dentist Monday to see if they need to pull it. Guess that means that the Tooth Fairy needs to restock her supply of Gold coins.

FWIW - if I ever get off my lazy arse I'll get you guys some photo's.