Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update of Sorts

Isn't it funny how life seems to get in the way of your life? Anyhoo - here are a few updates.

1. Baby A is 16.5mos old....where the hell did the time go?! She's doing soo much more at this age than any of the boys I sometimes forget how young she really is. She's still on the petite side - but trust me you wouldn't know it the way she wrestles w/the boys. (At some point I'm going to have to stop referring to her as Baby.)

2. T - is a monkey as always. He's going to preschool 4 days a week for 3hrs a day. It's done wonders for his speech and behavior at home and he's only been going a month. Good thing is that he'll be automatically enrolled next year. The year after is still up in the air...not sure he'll be starting K the Fall of 2010 or if we'll wait until Fall 2011. Really depends on if the evals from preschool and our gut feelings tell us if he's ready or not.

3. R - started K at a private school this fall. Due to his birthday and the cut-offs for public he wouldn't be able to attend until next Fall (2009). I definitely think he has the smarts and knowledge to be in K, but his maturity level is severly behind. Luckily the state requires him to go through 1st in private as well before testing for placement in public.

4. S - in 1st grade and will be the big 7 tomorrow. We had a harry start to school - hitting, trouble keeping his hands to himself - but we changed his meds and all seems better now. However, his anal retentiveness about rule following is about to drive us batty - he thinks it's his job to correct everyone rather than just tell on them. Oh well - Parent-Teacher Conferences are this week so we'll find out how he's really doing.

5. K - he's doing good. Still doing the SAHD gig for now. He's hoping this Spring to get a job a couple nights a week. Then again that's if my work schedule will allow for it. Either way he's looking forward to the Fall of 2010 when Baby A is eligible for preschool.

6. Me - well, work has been nuts. Back in March 2008 got a new boss and things aren't going as planned. Apparently regardless of my performance in the past I'm starting over and must prove myself. I'm going to have to start working from home at night after the kids are in bed, and possibly even some weekends. This just totally bites. What I hate the most is that I love what I do, but apparently I haven't earned the trust of the new boss so every move I make is being scrutinized.

Hmmm....that's it - will try and take a picture tomorrow of the birthday boy. Can't believe how big he is...before I know it I'll have a teenager on my hands.

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