Thursday, April 03, 2008

Think I need some professional help . . .

. . .either that or that bitch Aunt Flo is headed to town. Ever since hearing about my co-worker losing her 6wk old son I can't seem to focus on my life - this includes work as well as personal. All I really want to do is go home and just play with my kids. It doesn't help that when I do talk to my kids and/or play with them I can't help but tear up....hell, every night since Monday I've cried as I rock Baby A to sleep.

What's bad is that I haven't worn make-up to work in 2 days and I honestly don't care. Then the lack of attention I've been giving K doesn't help either. Okay, I did make it up to him last night around 1am. hehehehe

I'm think I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Things are going pretty good right now....but I know it won't last. Thinking I might need to take a mental health day in the near future and just go do something fun for me.

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