Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Apparently I over-react

Okay, what ever honey. Last night while K and S were off at soccer practice I stayed home with T and A. Get your mind outa the gutter!!!! While I'm working on dinner, feeding T and A, changin' poopie diapers I notice a can of food on the floor with barely a label. Pick it up and determine it's a can of Cream of Mushroom soup....Campbell's to be specific with at pop-top lid. Then it happened. I noticed the ring to pop the top was gone (and the can was partially open).

I searched as best I could while trying to get K on the phone. I tried to calmly ask him who was playing with the can and he told me "T was playing with it and I tried to remove as much as the label as I could should Sissy play with it". I then asked where the ring was for the pop-top. He didn't know it was missing. Then accused me of over-reacting and it was no big deal....blah, blah, blah.

So after listening to him yell at me how I over-react and that I should just load up the kids and rush them to the ER we finally found the ring. Luckily I had enough forsight to grab another can and ask T where the ring was - 'cause S spoke up and pointed towards the back door. T had shoved the ring under the screen door.

Let's just say after that I went to the bathroom and cried. All the horrible things running through my head and anger at K for doing something so stupid as to let a 2.5yo play with something like that with an infant crawling around I just had to let it all out. Somedays I really do think it would be cheaper to just put the kids back in daycare 'cause the stress that man causes is expensive.

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