Friday, April 18, 2008

My Ass hurts and I can't take it anymore!!!

Okay, this is NOT a post about hemorrhoids. Rather its a post about my on going saga with my broken tailbone. Around March 2004 after many months of such severe pain I could barely stand after sitting I was told I had a broken tailbone. No, I had not had any trauma to this was decided that it must have been broken during childbirth on October 20, 2001. And w/o proper treatment it just got worse.

I tried the physical therapy. I've had an MRI. Multiple x-rays. Did one or two pain shots. Which did help, but I never went back every 3-4 weeks like I was supposed to. But damn pregnancy kept getting in the way. Oh, and it didn't help that in November 2005 I reinjured it by falling down the stairs, Ass first.

Well I've finally had enough. I've had two pain shots in the last 3 weeks, and my first appointment with a chiropractor. I don't think one by itself will be the cure, but I'm hoping the combination will finally get me some relief from this chronic pain.

I don't think I'm asking too much. . . . . . . . . all I want is to be able to play with my kids without having to stop due to the pain.

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