Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gardasil, HPV and Cervical Cancer

First off let me say that I'm very thrilled Gardasil ( is now available. Having gone through an abnormal Pap Smear myself and all the fun that followed it's comforting to know that when Baby A is around 10 she can get vaccinated.

However, here's my complaint. Why is this only being offered to girls/gals/woman/females?? Seriously here shouldn't we offer this vaccine to our sons, etc?? Seriously think about it.

I have HPV. Who did I get it from you might wonder. . . . . .


I doubt the HPV virus causes such severe problems in males like the cerviacal cancer it can in females, but wouldn't vaccinating everyone be the wisest choice? Not only help stop females from contracting this potentially harmful and fatal virus, but stop the damn thing from spreading.

Just my $ .02 for the day.

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