Friday, June 27, 2008

Why can't he just keep a job?

When DSSD and I divorced I insisted on being the one to carry the health insurance, ect for S. The Judge not only asked me once, but twice if I was sure. See, it's standard for the father to carry the insurance as it will lower the cost of child support. Well considereing DSSD had 4 jobs while we were together to my one you bet I wasn't going to have him carry the insurance. Since the divorce he's had 5 jobs. With the most recent change taking place a couple of weeks ago.

What ticks me off this time is that he didn't even have the balls to tell me he was changing jobs. I get a letter from the courts stating that they'd received noticed he was no longer employed and that he need to contact the them. I get copies of all correspondence from the courts in regards to child support. I call him and he e-mails me his new info which of course I pass along to the courts.

The man is 38 yo - will he ever grow up?

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