Friday, June 06, 2008

Oh where oh where has my little dog gone?

Well, she's coming to our house. K's dad found a stray and took her in, but he already has 2 dogs and his place isn't big enough for another dog. So, he took her to the local animal shelter. They don't have the room to keep her so after 2 weeks of not being adopted they were going to put her down. FIL had the foresight to tell them to call him should it come to that and he'd foster her until she could be adopted - and we're the suckers.

We're going tonight to pick-up a few things at PetCo, and then head down early Saturday to go pick her up. Luckily we only have Baby A and T this weekend so we can gradually get her accustomed to all of the kids. Still nervous about how she'll do next Saturday at Baby A's and T's birthday party. I'm thinking if all else fails we can crate her for a while in the garage. I hate to do this, but until we really know her temperment I think it's best.

I'll make sure to take our camera....but when you all will see photo's who knows? I so suck at remembering to download photos!

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