Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check-up Stats

This morning both T and Baby A had their yrly check-ups.

T's in the 80% for height, and the 55% for weight. Besides being an embarassingly horrible patient all is good. Just need to get on the Potty Training train.....which we keep procrastinating about.

Baby A's in the 65% for height, and the 25% for weight. She's such a little peanut. All the boys were well over 20lbs by their 1st birthday, but nope not her. She just had to be different. We're close, but she still has to face backwards until she's over 20lbs. She's 19lbs 8.5oz...little under 1/2 a pound to go. Only bad thing was she got 3 shots and she's got an ear infection. Kinda wondered yesterday if she might have one now that her cold seems to be getting better, but her walking is a little off.

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