Thursday, January 10, 2008

My new job: Tooth Fairy

S finally lost his first tooth on Dec 26th. He comes to me all excited "Mommy my tooth is loose!!!" Not 5 minutes later "Mommy it fell out!!!!!" We grabed a cup to hold said precious tooth in and proceeded with our day. That night I quietly crept into S's room.....took the tooth and left him 5 $1 Gold coins. Of course I slept in the next day (who cares if I needed to get up and get to work) just so I could see and hear his excitement.

Unfortunately we're still waiting on tooth #2 to loosen tooth is already poking through. Taking the boy to the dentist Monday to see if they need to pull it. Guess that means that the Tooth Fairy needs to restock her supply of Gold coins.

FWIW - if I ever get off my lazy arse I'll get you guys some photo's.

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