Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why can't he just listen to me?

I'll admit I'm not the most technically savey person out there, but I know just enough to be dangerous and get by. Anyhoo - Monday (June 30th) we got in our replacement router for the computer. (The old one had died and Linksys, aka Cisco, replaced it for free. There's a good reason to register your electronics!!) Took me about 30 minutes to hook-up both computers. Played a couple of on-line games and all was well.

Then yesterday K, aka DumbAss, was having problems with the program he uses to talk to other players in one of the games he plays on-line. Rather than listening to me, I told him not to do anything and let me fix something first, he just goes ahead and changes what some guy told him. You guessed it - he disabled the router. Right as I was in the middle of chat with someone at Linksys get answers on fixing our router connection.

Luckily for him after all the problems we had with the last router I knew how to reset it, etc. Did that, unistalled everything on both computers related to the router, and took another 30 minutes to re-hook-up everything. Guess what - the little program that wasn't working properly before works fine now.

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