Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random Thoughts

*T has decided that his answer to everything is "no" or "nope". Better yet, we got "I'm gonna kick your butt" the other day. Where does this child come up with this stuff?

*Sibling bickering - it's already started between Baby A and T. I thought I had a few more years, but nope Baby A has decided that whatever someone else has it is hers and she must take it. And she's strong in body and will. Right now the biggest battles are over sippy cups and blankies.

*How to keep your kids outside: tell them that if they come in they'll have to clean. :D Yup, told this to S, R, and T on Sunday when it was a georgeous 80 degrees out. Guess what - they chose to be outside rather than pick-up their toys. Go figure.

*The dog. She's great with the kids, but the chewing has got to STOP! She's ruined approximately $200 in toys, etc around the house. What's worse is that she's now taken to grabing dirty laundry to chew on. K is looking into training for her.

*2 1/2 weeks!!! How much time left of S's summer vacation w/DSSD. Can not wait. However, not looking forward to undoing all the bad habits he acquired there. Good thing is that I've got two weeks before school starts to undo them all.

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