Thursday, May 15, 2008

Confessions of an "Evil" mother

Before having children I thought parents that "tricked" their kids into doing/eating things were just wrong, mean and yes, EVIL. Aaaaah - little did I know that this is the most magic and secret of all weapons we as parents posses. Below are just a few of the things I've done:

* I've been telling S for over 2 years now that there is medicine in his water to help him sleep. Sorry dude - it's just water! Helps that I always have him brushing teeth or heading up to bed an I follow with his water bottle so he doesn't see me put in his "medicine".

* Playing up S's competitve nature I tell him he needs lots of sleep so he can have energy the next day so that when he's playing he can win. Hey - it gets him to stop the chatter and procrastination before bedtime.

* Got the kids to eat Sweet 'n Sour Chicken and Quesadilla's by telling them they were Chinese Chicken Nuggets with Chinese BBQ sauce and Mexican Grilled Cheese. :)

* CornDogs started out being called "Hot Dog on Stick"

* All my kids think Turkey is Chicken at the Holidays.

* S is under the belief that the earlier he goes to bed and the faster he falls asleep on nights the Tooth Fairy is to visit the more $$$ he'll get. Okay, I didn't come up with this - he did, but you bet your sweet ass I'm encouraging it.

* My kids think that the car can not go into Drive or Reverse unless they are all buckled up.

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