Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just another Poopie Memorial Day

Overall Memorial weekend was pretty good. Saturday meet DSSD around 10am to exchange S, and then K, T, A and I ran a few errands. After naps it was a pretty low key night.

Sunday was pretty busy - mowing the yard and putting up the fence. Nothing too exciting.

Then came Monday. Poopie Monday. T was up around 7:30am and after all the manual labor on Sunday K and I slept in a little while he played. Big mistake. Around 8:15 T comes in "I poopie" and boy was he! He'd tried to take off his poopie diaper, but ended up ripping it so the diaper part was hanging between his legs (poop exposed) and the top part still wrapped around his waist securely. Talk about an immeidate wake up call. K and I hop out of bed....I grab T and put him in the tub, while K wanders around looking for poop stains.

We spent most of the morning sanitizing things and general clean-up. Around 12:30-1pm we put Baby A down for her nap. By 1:45 she still wasn't asleep so I go into her room to get her. Lo-n-behold she'd gone poop and managed to rip her diaper completely off. She was covered in poop along with her crib and mattress. Once again - I bath the kid and K does clean up. Of course we had to then sanitize her room and crib.

I swear if they get some funky virus from "accidentially" eating poop I'm going to scream. I just now got caught up laundry from that damn virus a few weeks ago. Plus a call from the Health Dept is always fun - NOT!

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