Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Flat Tire from H-E-L-L

Every other Sunday at 6pm I meet DSSD at a McDonald's about mid-way between our respective houses. This particular Sunday I decided to hit Super Wally World which is right next door to our exchange McD's and grab a few things. Wanted to do it before with only 2 kids rather than after with 3 - plus I wanted to get home at a decent time.

Anyhoo - the exchange goes fine - you know, me asking all the questions and DSSD answering...never once volunteering anything. Got S loaded, ran around to wait in line at the drive through, got our food, and hit the interstate. All was good for about 5 minutes......then it happened................POP! And immediately the front passenger tire went flat. Luckily there really wasn't anyone around I crossed traffic and pulled to the shoulder.

Here's where the fun began. Since we're down to one car K had no way to rescue us so I called my dad (he lives about 30 mins away from the exchange point). One advanted to being Daddy's Little Girl after all these years....he came to the rescue no questions asked.

So rather than bore you with witty comments here's just an outline of all the crap that happened:
1. You'd gone shopping before picking up S and your front passanger seat was loaded with groceries. Luckily you only really bought frozen meals and cheese sticks that might get ruined.
2. You had all the kids with you and they were hungry and tired.
3. DH (that D stands for Dumb or Dumbass) decided to leave all his RC Car crap in the back - you know to make it more difficult to get to the spare tire.
4. You have no idea if you have a spare tire and if it's good
5. You're down to one vehicle as you've sold the other two to pay off bills, etc and haven't gotten a cheap replacement - this means DH can't come help.
6. Call father to come help - guess what he gets 1/2 way to where you're at....yup a flat tire.
7. You get to entertain your kids in the car for 1.5 hrs
8. Oh, and when your dad finally does arrive to help so does the rain
9. Almost forgot to mention - I was on I-35....not a back road but the friggin interstate
10. Lastly, not only did Addison's diaper leak, but so did Tyler's. Luckily I had a change of clothes for Addison, but poor Tyler wasn't so lucky.
11. And what I found most surprising not a cop, nor driver stopped to ask if I needed help

The only positive to this all was that I had picked up food for Baby A at the store, and I'd picked up happy meals for the boys and myself. It took us almost 45 min to get home driving at 45mph with my flashers on. Yes, I really pissed off the other drivers - but when you're driving on a donut and there's a wind advisory can you really blame me?

Oh, and we had to replace the tire. ($75 for just one....figure that should last another 12mos and we'll just replace all 4 tires.)

SO - there you go.......anything that could go wrong just about did. I'm just very thankful the car gods deceided to at least bless me with a spare that not only was in good shape but had air.

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