Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jumping on the Potty Training Train

About a month ago we finally got the T-man into his toddler bed and out of the crib. Now we're venturing into Potty Training (HELL). Call me a bad mom or whatever, but this is one area where I really wish he was in daycare....let them deal with him and Potty Training.

Yeah, yeah....I know we need to start introducing the idea into his cute little head. But dang it...if the boy is already ripping diapers off and peeing on the floor, etc it can only get worse once he's in training pants.

So K and I devised a plan of action. For the remainder of the month of March we're going to sit him on the potty every morning during diaper change, and everynight before diaper change. We're hoping this way he'll get used to the potty seat/toilet so the first weekend in April we can just go gung-ho with the training.

So wish us luck, say a little prayer, cross your fingers this works. Especially since I'm tired of paying for diapers for two.

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