Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My new toothbrush

Yup - this is my new toothbrush. Isn't it trendy???

In all seriousness here - this is what I'm using until I can (a) find my toothbrush that Mr Destruction ran off with or (b) finish unpacking the bathroom and find the spare adult toothbrushes I know we have.

Let's just say that ALL bathroom doors are now closed - at least until we can deter Mr Destructions fascination with the bathroom. Okay it's more like an obsession - just last week we had to replace K's razor as Mr D got a hold of it and tossed it in the toilet, that and his body puff K uses in the shower.

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Ed Hochhalter said...

Who's Mister D., Steph? Why was he destroying all your stuff in the bathroom? Haha! This was a cute and funny story. Anyway, it's good to have spare toothbrushes at home because they can be misplaced easily, especially by kids. Just make sure that they are put in a clean place.