Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Only someone with kids will understand the feelings I'm having at this moment. Tyler (at 13mos old) has finally decided he wants to walk. And walk he's been doing. All over the house in fact. He's been on the verge for the last month now.....but sometime between Saturday morning and yesterday evening he decided it was time that he choose walking as the preferred method of transporation over crawling.

I'm relieved as we won't have physical therapy, but also a little nervous.....he's now more likely to fall and get hurt. Yes I have two that are older and I've been through this before - but until he's 2yo or even 2.5yo they're still a toddler and in my mind's eye my baby.

Of course he's still unsteady - and you almost forget how cute they are when they first learn. So cautious, afraid, yet proud of their accomplishment.

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TxGambit said...

HURRAY Tyler!!!! I love when they first start walking.